American Psycho 2 (2002)

American Psycho 2 is a dumb movie for dumb people. It takes everything that was great about the first, rolls it into a neat little ball and then throws it in the trash in order to make way for lazy plotting, poor performances and a thoroughly contrived and predictable storyline.

American Psycho was a great film and more importantly, a successful one. It was inevitable that at some point, someone would try and create their own success story off the back of it. Sadly, American Psycho 2 : All American Girl (to give it its full title) is so far from ‘great‘ that it can‘t even see it anymore.

Mila Kunis, often the likable girl-next-door type, steps out of her comfort zone to play studious collegiate Rachael Newman who is convinced that she will land a teaching assistant position that will set the wheels in motion to eventually bag her a career in the FBI. If anyone comes close to getting in the way of her dream, she kills them without so much as a second thought. The problem with this set-up is that while Kunis is pretty and seems to be trying her best to conceal her embarrassment at being involved in this project, she just can’t do the ‘bad girl’ role very well. At least, not here.

The peripheral characters are barely worth mentioning, none except William Shatner’s jailbait-banging professor even register as remotely interesting but even he is completely wasted here. The rest merely serve as 2-dimensional serial killer fodder.

The screenplay feels very much like something Kevin Williamson might have written after he peaked with Scream and The Faculty and started churning out turds like Teaching Mrs. Tingle and the truly awful Cursed. It’s trying very hard to recall that late-90’s all-knowing cool and falls so short of the mark that it’s enough to make you cringe from your head to your toes.

The most fist-clenchingly irritating part of the movie though, is Newman’s relentlessly tedious and clichéd narration that over-shadows the entire proceedings. It reeks of lazy storytelling and/or a distinct lack of confidence that the writers could get their point across in any other way than to have the principal character tell us the facts straight out of her own head.

American Psycho 2 appears to take place in a World in which DNA evidence doesn’t exist, the cops are all morons and the FBI can be fooled into thinking you are someone else by simply employing the Clark Kent-esque ‘glasses and different hair’ disguise. Little about the movie makes any sense, characters are needlessly introduced and then forgotten about and the entire thing defiles the legacy of American Psycho with every move it makes. It’s a film that requires its audience to be stupid and to not ask questions and as such, borders on insulting.

The best part of the original movie was Christian Bale’s superbly-written sociopath Patrick Bateman, and although he’s mentioned in name here, all American Psycho 2 has to offer the viewer is a wet-squib of a killer who’s simply a bit of a badly-written mental case. None of the murders feel remotely real (broad daylight in the college library, anyone?) and the films credibility suffers hugely as a result.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that American Psycho 2 is a direct sequel, or a sequel of any kind, really. It’s a complete mess of a movie that’s clearly hoping to garner itself some sort of an audience and ride the coat-tails of its’ namesake all the way to the bank. Most importantly though, don’t fall for this movie’s tagline; ‘Angrier, Deadlier, Sexier.’ American Psycho 2 is none of these things.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

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