Calabrese – Vampires Don’t Exist


Calabrese formed in 2003 and consists of brothers Jimmy, Bobby and Davey. Their distinctive horror-punk sound has earned them comparisons to some of the genres biggest groups and an adoring legion of hardcore fans. Bridging the gap between The Misfits and Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, the boys have just released their 3rd album ‘They Call Us Death’ to typically positive reviews.

In addition to their already jam-packed resume, they appeared in one of this years Horrorfests8 Films To Die For titles The Graves. Dipping their toes into the vast arena of horror is nothing new for Calabrese though, it was always a natural progression for the siblings. In his own words, Jimmy says “Why do you think we chose this genre? I don’t think we really had a choice. We just followed the bands we loved and grew up with. Since we are brothers we all ended up liking the same music and movies and video games.”

On the set of The Graves

It would only require a cursory glance at any of the bands stylised and stylish music videos to see the abundance of horror movie influences present. For decades, bands within the genre have presented an amalgamation of classic horror and traditional punk rock but few have managed it so successfully as Calabrese. Possessing a sound that they’ve made their own and an intimidating presence between them, the horizon looks very bright (or should that be dark) for the current kings of the scene.

Brian Pulido; writer and director of The Graves says “Quite simply, Calabrese is the world’s greatest horror punk band and they’re coming to get you.” Never a truer word was spoken.

‘On set’ photograph courtesy of Jimmy Calabrese.

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Look out for The Graves, coming soon to DVD!

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