An introduction to Gorepress

Firstly, welcome to and thanks for choosing us as your one-stop premier horror site of such high pedigree. Well… the ‘thank you’ part is valid at least.

It’s been an important first six months in the life of our modest little horror site and I figured that now is as good a time as any to launch our new blog in order to keep you updated with the comings and goings of all things Gorepress.

The idea for Gorepress first came about 18 months ago. In fact, it was an off the cuff remark in response to the tongue-in-cheek question: “How can we persuade people to send us free DVD’s and thus feed an increasingly expensive movie addiction without the likely possibility of bankruptcy?”. While initially laughed off and dismissed as nothing more than a pipe dream, the seed had been planted and subconsciously grew until we couldn’t ignore it. Having expressed notions of wanting to become a movie journalist as a philanthropic and guileless teen, they were later quashed by a friends’ insistence that “paps and journos were cunts”, not to mention my relentless pathological fear of higher education. Now, a jaded and disenchanted twenty-something, my path as a self-made ‘journo cunt’ is cemented and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Roping in Jamie was easy. One mention of creating our very own horror website and he was chomping at the bit to join the ranks of the unpaid, much-maligned reviewer scum. As soon as Dave got wind, he was bashing out reviews left, right and centre and so our humble horror family was born. Matt was unceremoniously volunteered to build the website but could not have been more accommodating when it came to getting my vague ideas to fruition, and Phil & Aaron were only too happy to lend a hand with content. I bet there aren’t too many industries that can boast a wealth of people salivating to contribute their hard work for no pay and little praise; just another of the many things that makes the horror genre great.

And so, a year in the making and only six months up and running, it’s been both an exhausting and exciting journey so far. This month alone, we’ve managed to review some awesome and some truly awful films and I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Jonathan Sothcott and Lisa McAllister, who are both as lovely as they are prudent and talented.

We’ve got some bloody exciting things on the agenda for the upcoming months, including regular podcasts, an upcoming events section and the inclusion of TV reviews, as well as our desire to constantly look to improve the site in more subtle ways, so keep your eyeballs glued to your screens, folks.

In the meantime, here’s a list of upcoming movies that we’re all looking forward to watching this year; Mothers Day (remake), 2001 Maniacs : Field Of Screams, Evil Dead 4, The Violent Kind, Hatchet 2, Frozen, Splice, The Horde, [REC] 2, Pontypool Changes and Heartless. Pencilled for a UK release this month is the remake of Romero’s The Crazies. Have a look at the trailer here :

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