Win Titanic 2 on DVD

To mark the 100th anniversary of the original voyage, a state of the art luxury liner, christened Titanic II sets out to cross the Atlantic, from the US to the UK. A host of special guests are invited along to enjoy the glitz and glamour on board the beautiful ship, but whilst the champagne flows on deck, disaster begins to stir below.

After a deep, dark rumble in the distance, a huge tidal wave approaches the ship and smashes into its side, leaving a gaping hole and putting tremendous pressure on the turbines. As the engines give out and the liner comes to a halt, the celebratory voyage becomes a nightmare as passengers battle to reach the lifeboats.

A white knuckle, nerve shredding disaster film of epic proprtions, Titanic II will leave you gasping for air and wondering if your heart really can go on…..

Metrodome have been kind enough to give us a copy of Titanic II for a randomly chosen winner who answers the question below correctly, using the contact form provided. Only one entry per person will be counted and the competition closes on 14.3.11. Good luck!

The Asylum, the studio behind Titanic 2 are most famous for their parody of which popular action flick based on an 80′s childrens toy?

  • a) GI Joe
  • b) Transformers
  • c) Care Bears : The Movie