Hierro – at UK cinemas now

While travelling by ferry to the island of El Hierro, Maria loses her young son Diego.
Has he fallen overboard? Has he been abducted? Nobody knows. Diego simply vanishes.


Six months later…Maria is fighting to overcome the pain of her loss, to pick up the pieces and continue with her life, when she receives an unexpected call. A child’s body has been discovered; she must return to El Hierro. On the island, in this strange and threatening landscape, surrounded by sinister, malevolent characters, Maria is forced to confront her worst nightmares. As she travels the terrible path that may lead to her son, Maria will make the most unbearable discovery of all- that some mysteries should be never be revealed.


Emotionally devastating, visually stunning and truly terrifying, a Spanish genre thriller in the tradition of JA Bayona’s THE ORPHANAGE and Guillermo del Toro’s PAN’S LABYRINTH, HIERRO depicts one woman’s desperate journey into a nightmare vortex of horror and loss.

Hierro is out now at UK cinemas and will be released on DVD through Optimum Home Entertainment on July 26.

Watch the trailer here:

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