A round up of events

Good ‘avo dear readers (that‘s ‘Good Afternoon‘ for the benefit of you non-Northern, upper-middle class types). Last weekend I made some new friends in the form of a few evil gnomes, a paedophilic kidnapper, some rubbish zombies and a mental, murderous ice-cream man. They were, of course, all on a TV screen. Thankfully my real friends are less criminally minded, generally. From my leisurely jaunt into B-Movie utopia, you can expect some suitably scathing and surprisingly positive reviews in the coming week. I’ve currently been lining up a massive stack of movies to watch that I’m going to plough through systematically and review the shit out of. I’m particularly looking forward to disturbing French movie Inside (which I’m, frankly, embarrassed that I haven’t already seen), the mental looking Tokyo Zombie and the Korean take on the Hansel and Gretel fairytale. There are plenty of English-language movies on the list too but they’re far less thrilling. Keep your eyes peeled for my forthcoming, opinionated ramblings on each of them.

As a not-so-subtle segue into bare-faced nepotism, it’s plausible that a lot of you horror-ites might also be fans of the much maligned graphic novel. Unfairly passed off by many as comics for grown-ups, they can be and are, so much more than that. This is why I urge you, humble horror fan, to spare a little of your time to have a look at a website called Planet Graphic Novel. It’s run by a few friends of mine and they are currently in talks with regard to giving it a bit of a make-over but in the meantime, stop by and marvel at the extensive selection of reviews and information already available.

Planet Graphic Novel

A while ago, Jamie posted a rather amusing and somewhat derisive open-letter to the editor of Gorezone magazine on his personal blog. Last night, it elicited a response from said editor of said publication and from my rather wimpy, neutral viewpoint, I’m going to keep my opinion to myself (for a change.) Instead I think you should take a look for yourselves and draw your own conclusions, either way, the resulting arguments are funny stuff.

All in all, it might not look like much but we’ve had a rather exciting week. We’ve been beavering away behind the scenes to make the website bigger and better as usual and despite a few technical hiccups all is going well. Dave got the chance to interview the legend that is Zach Galligan from Gremlins and rumour has it that Zach loved the Gorepress line of questioning. Personally, I think the resulting answers are pretty damn interesting too. He was over in the UK to promote his new movie; a British horror called Cut, shot in one continuous take. It’s the first movie of its type and looks pretty effing exciting so keep an eye out for it when it’s released on the 22nd of this month!

Cut promo

That’s it for now folks, I’ve got movies to watch, reviews to write, a website to look after and a crippling addiction to World of Warcraft to waste the remainder of my time on. In the meantime, keep on horror-ing!

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