Radio Gorepress 2 : The Amityville Horror

Fresh from our enthusiastic review of 90′s body-horror-comedy Freaked, we decided to raid the archives for the something a little more scary and came up with everyone’s favourite haunted hoax The Amityville Horror. Listen as we blather on about a honey covered Rod Steiger, verbally shit all over the remake and launch into the theme tune from lost Aussie kids show Lift Off (yes, it really existed.)

We also spend some time chatting about a handful of notable ‘haunting’ movies, and compare and contrast with last years The Conjuring, whilst stopping off to discuss creepy dolls.

So, hop on board the Radio Gorepress train once again as we journey through Long Island, watch as the walls drip blood and cower in fear as we traverse the iconic Amityville. All aboard!

-Sarah & Phil.

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