Eyes Beyond receives critical acclaim

From the press release : “Daniel Reininghaus (director, writer, producer and lead actor) took his personal inspiring story and experiences with bi-polar and created a non-fictional short independent social drama/horror/thriller film called Eyes Beyond. The film was produced by power house magazine publisher and media personality, Elizabeth Rizzuto.

The 28-minute film is getting raving international reviews and attention in the industry. It has been nominated for official selections at 13 festivals thus far, which include Film North Huntsville International Film Festival (CAN), the prestigious Swansea Bay Film Festival (UK), run by Michael Sheen (The Queen) and patroned by Catherine Zeta Jones; Atlanta Horror Film Festival (USA), one of the top 5 horror festivals in the USA; Barebones International Film Festival (USA), Indy Horror Film Festival (USA), Heart of England Film Festival (UK), International Film Festival Ireland (Ireland), International Film Festival South Africa (South Africa), Twin Rivers Media Film Fest (USA), Fright Night Film Fest (USA), Atlanta Shortsfest (USA), Atlanta Underground Film Festival (USA) & Killer Film Fest (USA).

Daniel Reininghaus is a truly innovative director with a deep understanding of mental psychology. Even while wearing his director’s hat, Reininghaus manages to pull off an incredible versatile and mesmerizing performance, showing a wide range of emotions and maturity that is rare for a young actor. This film is dynamic for it engages you to look within yourself about exploring inner turmoil people face and the social dilemma that surrounds mental illnesses. This gory, jaw-dropping film will bring shivers down your spine as you grind your teeth, cover your eyes and squirm in your seat. See what the Rogers’ family experienced after being invited over for dinner…”

Gorepress has been lucky enough to view the film online and can happily report that the attention surrounding it and its 12 nominations and selections are certainly deserved. Keep your eyes peeled for an opportunity to watch Eyes Beyond and in the meantime, watch the trailer here :

For more information, visit the official website – www.eyesbeyondmovie.com

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