Halloweentacular Gorecast Round Table 2012

It’s here. Goth Christmas is upon us, and this year at the Gorepress Gorecast we celebrate in the most stylish way we could think of: getting drunk in our own homes while talking to people via the internet. Bringing together all the contributors to both the Gorecast and the Gorementaries to deliver a mammoth show detailling what we love and hate about the holiday that we like enough to celebrate twice a year.

With discussion about all of Halloween’s best bits including candy, jack-o-lanterns, spooky music, Halloween specials, movies and so much more, this is sure to be the biggest and most laughter-fuelled Halloween-based podcast of the year.

Also hear what some of our friends think about the holiday as we’re visited by Charlie Bond from Strippers Vs Werewolves, the NoTLP crew, Reverand Scott and his Outside the Cinema puppet show, Banjo director Liam Regan, Colin from¬†zombiehamster.com, and Jamie Hooper from Fingercuff Productions as they share with us their favourite thing about the gruesome occasion.

As you know well enough by now, if you want to share your opinions on anything that we’ve said you can get in touch:

podcast@gorepress.com / (001) 425-606-5512 / facebook.com/gorecast / @gorecastx

But first, sit back and relax. Let our soothing voices wash over you as we rip your favourite holiday into pumpkin shaped shreds.


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  1. Matt Blythe says:

    Um… Who’s number is that? I don’t recognise it. Are you setting people up for prank calls again?

    Why you pesky kids!

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