Zombies : Wicked Little Things (2006)

Recently widowed Karen Tunney, having little other option due to financial ruin, decides to uproot her two daughters and move them to an inherited house on the outskirts of a forest in the middle of nowhere, USA. After strange things start to happen; soot on the mattresses, bizarre nightmares and blood on the front door, Karen digs a little deeper and soon discovers that back in 1913, the evil owner of the local mine inadvertently killed a bunch of pre-teen miners. It quickly transpires that the children appear to have risen from their final cavernous resting place in order to exact revenge on anyone they happen to find nearby.

The title of this movie; Zombies : Wicked Little Things makes a promise of things that it completely fails to deliver on. Most importantly is the fact that by my reckoning the ‘wicked little things’ aren’t zombies at all, at least not in the traditional sense. They don’t lumber about, they wield weapons, they communicate with the living as well as each other and they only eat their victims after they have killed them. In almost all zombie films the audience is used to an explanation of some kind but no reason is given for the children having returned, no chemical spill, no power plant, no viral infection, nothing. They simply want vengeance, which to my knowledge, makes them undead but it certainly doesn’t earn them the title of ‘zombie’. The undead make-up effects are sadly lacking too which makes the whole thing reek of missed opportunity. Zombie kids must have sounded great on paper and by all intents and purposes they should be absolutely terrifying but here they are merely pint-sized, robotic, black-eyed bores that fail to elicit any reaction at all, least of all ‘terror’.

The lead actors and actresses all do their best with the sub-par material that they were provided with but it doesn’t save Zombies… from being a tedious mess. Some of the characters, particularly Mr. Hanks, smack of tiresome cliché and are ripped straight from a multitude of other movies so there can be little claim of originality. The premise would pique the interest of any movie fan but unfortunately there is nothing to excite, amuse, horrify or sicken.

Almost all of the film is in near darkness which is hugely frustrating. The sad fact is that if you can’t even see what’s occurring on the screen, then how can it possibly scare you? The poor lighting continues for the entire remainder of the film and rather than creating the desired atmosphere or tension, it simply irritates.

Zombies : Wicked Little Things could have been amazing if done right but is thoroughly disappointing. If you want to watch a film about murderous midgets then I’d recommend you seek out something better; The Children or Village Of The Damned, perhaps.

Rating: ★★½☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

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  1. Scullion says:

    Yeah, I saw this on a weekend of “Zombie Horrors” and was horrifically bored and astounded they got away with using the word “Zombie” at all. The bits in darkness immensely confused me too – I thought our TV brightness was just a bit buggered. Stupid film.

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