Dead Road – Web Series

Set two years after a zombie outbreak, Dead Road is an online-exclusive series of ‘webisodes’ that follow a group of scavengers as they attempt to co-exist and outrun the deadly virus and the walking undead it creates, as well as staying on the right side of the other survivors and doing the best they can to stay alive.

Dead Road web series

Shooting began in late 2008 and there is currently 5 episodes available, Dead Road’s creator Corrado Gadaleta says that there will be 11 in total, chronicling the story from start to finish, as well as the potential for a second season. The cast is made up of complete unknowns and includes Rich Ruperto, Humberto Rivera, Julie Robbins and Edwin Rivera.

Dead Road takes it’s cues from George Romero’s classic zombie tales and from the Italian greats of the 70’s. It’s very much a one-man show with Gadaleta not only writing and directing the whole thing, but also taking on the make-up effects and sound responsibilities as well. In his own words, “The series has absolutely no budget, and it’s being shot guerrilla style”, so it’s impressive to see what’s possible with a little ingenuity and a good idea.

Corrado and his team of actors are currently working on episodes 6 & 7 but for now, check out the existing saga at and follow them on Twitter at Dead Road.

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  1. kweandee says:

    Awesome little zombie series, enjoying it very much so far.

    looking forward to the next episode ;)

  2. loved the first 2 epis. good quality, looks good production wise so far.

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