Episode 15 : The Reflecting Skin

After yet another brief hiatus, we’re back with the final film in this month’s Homegrown Horror selection with Philip Ridley‘s atmospheric The Reflecting Skin.

The Reflecting Skin

Starting with a quick retrospective of lead Viggo Mortensen, listen closely as we clumsily dissect the themes and subtext of this slice of Americana-through-a-British-lens, with all the usual off-topic diversions soundtracked by Nick Bicat’s hauntingly beautiful score.

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4 Comments on “Episode 15 : The Reflecting Skin”

  1. Rag says:

    STOP READING NOW!!!!!! Seriously STOP!!!!

    Watch the film, then listen to the podcast.

    Done that? Really? Ok, then.

    This is a horrible film. Seriously, it is horrible. But for the right reasons (or the wrong if you are a well adjusted member of society). J and S are spot on. It is beautifully shot, reasonably well directed, adequately acted and pretty engrossing. But it is just wrong.

    I love films that leave a bad taste and make me question stuff. Romper Stomper being the one that springs readily to mind for this. This film did not make me question anything (except possibly why we live in this world). But it did the bad taste bit in spades. I SERIOUSLY did not enjoy it. But I didn’t hate it.

    It didn’t bore me. I didn’t lose focus. And I will almost certainly watch it again, to see if the opinion it left me with was right. It did what I believe good films should do. It made me feel and it made me think.

    I didn’t like those feelings and thoughts, but that does not make it a bad film.

    However, in my book… it’s not a horror. It’s nasty, unpalletable and oncomfortable (in equal measure). But it’s not a horror. Oh, and it’s not a date movie either!!!

  2. Stop presenting opinion as fact again, you muppet.

    I really don’t understand just why you thought it was so distasteful. Sure, they touched on issues of child abuse but it was never shown, or discussed in any kind of detail. They didn’t make light of it, or make fun of it, instead presenting it as having pretty severe consequences so I genuinely don’t understand why you took such issue with it.

    I do agree that it’s not a film to be ‘enjoyed’, rather ‘appreciated’. I don’t imagine Philip Ridley ever coming up with his idea for this movie and expecting it to be watched by all the family at Christmas, it’s obviously something that was intended to be found by movie fans with an open mind who don’t mind getting their weird on for an hour and a half.

    I do disagree about it not being a horror though. It has so many tropes and themes that qualify it with a horror tag. It’s not full of gore, or boobs, or supernatural elements but it’s a film about the very real horrors of growing up and losing your innocence. Even in the strictest definition of ‘horror’ as a genre, you just can’t dismiss it.

  3. Rag says:

    I didn’t think I was stating fact. Everthing I say, or type, is my opinion. I am no more wise or insightful than anyone else. Ok, I probably am… than some people (I’ve seen Big Brother).

    Different people react to different things in different ways. Maybe this film just hit a nerve with me. Actually, I think it hit several. But at no point did it scare me, or look like it was even trying to. It threw up contentious issues, but many other films have done that and seriously do not shuffle into the Horror pidgeon hole.

    This film did not scare me, intimidate me or make me even mildly unerved. So for me, it’s not Horror. It made me extremely uncomfortable, just as documentaries on poverty, starvation and domestic abuse do. But these aren’t Horror either.

    My definitions will almost certainly differ from other peoples. In fact, they will pretty damn often. I can’t help that.

    That said, I may not appreciate this film… but it has achieved what so many haven’t. It has produced an emotional reaction, and sparked discussion. As such, it has got to be better than 90% of the shite that gets released these days.

    And I still love you guys, and what you do… even if you are wrong and I am soooooo right (on this occasion [IMHO]).


    • “Horror films often deal with the viewer’s nightmares, hidden worst fears, revulsions and terror of the unknown”

      “Horror films are a film genre seeking to elicit a negative emotional reaction from viewers”

      Since you’ve admitted to this movie eliciting a negative emotional response from you, I’m going to go ahead and accept your apology in advance ;)

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