A Gorepress Christmas 2009

Christmas comes but once a year and is a time for friends, family and obscene over-indulgence. The scene is a familiar one; the whole tribe is stuffed with turkey and roast potatoes, their bodily organs literally floating in a veritable sea of mulled wine when someone inevitably insists that you all watch a festive movie to pass the time as the impending food coma kicks in. Flicking through the channels, you notice that your choices are limited. It’s a Wonderful Life? Casablanca? The Great Escape? They’re all classics in their own right but there’s not a lot on offer for your average horror fan. Well, that’s where we come in. Below is a list of some of the best Christmassy horror movies for your seasonal enjoyment. Forgo the ’Happy Ever After’s and take pleasure in some suitably nasty and horrifically gory yuletide celluloid instead.

Black Christmas (1974)

Pre-dating John Carpenter’s Halloween by a full 4 years, Black Christmas is a hugely influential movie that helped to kick-start the ever popular slasher sub-genre. It sees a group of Canadian sorority girls, preparing for Christmas break, become the victims of an unseen killer who plagues them with creepy phone calls before killing them one by one. Low on gore but high on tension, this is a true festive classic. Just make sure you don’t watch 2006′s dire remake.

Jack Frost (1996)

No, not the family-friendly schmaltz-fest of the same name, the Jack Frost in this instance is altogether meaner and more murderous. A freak accident causes a convicted serial killer to come back to life as a snowman who becomes obsessed in taking his revenge on the Sheriff that arrested him, it‘s that simple. This is no cinematic masterpiece but if you like your horror movies cheap and bloody with its tongue in its cheek and a firm sense of fun then there’s a lot to enjoy.

Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984)

A young boy watches on as his parents are killed by a man in a Santa outfit who has broken into their home. Some time later, after having spent his formative years in an orphanage, he gets a job at a department store only to be told he has to wear a Santa costume. Soon after, he snaps and goes on a killing spree, intent on making his way back to the orphanage. Disengage your brain before watching this crap classic.

Dead End (2003)

On their way to a family Christmas, the Harringtons decide to take a shortcut during their yearly trip only for things to go very, very wrong. Dead End is a wonderfully inventive and hugely bonkers Christmas horror movie. Packed full of creepy goings on and memorable imagery, you’ll find yourself sharing the family’s increasing confusion and terror. Very scary festive madness.

P2 (2007)

On Christmas Eve, Angela; a workaholic who puts corporate climbing above family, finds herself stranded in her company’s multi-storey parking garage. When the only other person still at the building turns out to be the Night Watchman, she thinks her prayers have been answered but little does she know, her nightmare has just begun. Written by Switchblade Romance director Alexandre Aja, P2 delves into one woman’s night from Hell with fantastically taut results.

Honourable Mention – Gremlins (1984)

The only reason Gremlins hasn’t made the main list is because, while often considered a horror, it shares far more in common with a comedy than anything else mentioned here. Laced with dark humour, quirky characters and wonderfully imaginative creatures, Gremlins is a film that deserves re-visiting time and time again. Despite being 25 years old it still manages to look fresh and relevant whilst maintaining a camp charm.

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  1. The Scullion says:

    Dead End is an excellent, horribly underated film. Go seek it out people! Well worth a watch, especially if you want to counteract the horrific ballmonkeys that is Home Alone 3 and Santa Claus 3: The Escape Claus this Christmas.

  2. EmilyI says:

    I just caught Dead End last week and was also thoroughly surprised and entertained. Such a neat little film that takes a standard setup and plays with the style. Very funny in a twisted way and I too hope more folks find it in the future.

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