Dead Cert : A Preview

Starring an incredible cast of veteran British actors including Dexter Fletcher, Jason Flemyng, Craig Fairbrass, Billy Murray and Steven Berkoff, Dead Cert is a brit-crime movie with an interesting supernatural edge. Set and filmed in London, it tells the tale of a tough ex-gangster; Freddy ‘Dead Cert’ Frankham, who is approached by a group of Romanian drug traffickers wanting to buy the club he currently owns. When the shady businessmen turn nasty, Freddy realises that he’ll have to use everything he’s got and fight to reclaim his turf. Unfortunately, the Romanian’s are more dangerous than anyone could have imagined as they start to reveal their true nature, fangs and all.

Craig Fairbrass

The movie re-uses a number of the cast members from other Black & Blue Films productions such as the forthcoming Devil’s Playground, Just For The Record and last years remake of video nasty Expose. Jonathan Sothcott of Black and Blue Films; the production company behind Dead Cert says “You’ll see that I am [using] the old Hammer approach of making carefully budgeted commercial movies, often using the same cast and crew. It seems to be working.”

Dead Cert

Helmed by Steven Lawson, straight on the back of his directorial outing on mockumentary Just For The Record, Dead Cert is scheduled for a 2010 release. With a nation of horror-lovers that are growing increasingly tired of Twilight-esque vampires that appear to have more bark than bite and would fail to scare a toddler, Dead Cert looks set to reclaim the vampire legend and give it a fresh spin whilst maintaining that much-needed scare factor.

The promo trailer, impressively cut from only the first 7 days worth of footage is online now. Watch it here…

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