Monthly Manchester horror screenings with Grimm

Being a resident of this fair city, I’m always looking for exciting new genre-based activities to spend my money on and meet interesting people at. When Grimm Up North was originally announced, I was really excited to have a fully fledged festival right here in my home town. Now alongside the main event in October, the good folks at Grimm have began organising regular double features.

On the 17th February at the Anthony Burgess Foundation, Grimm brings us a Babycart double bill, featuring Shogun Assassin and the third in the samurai splatter series, Babycart to Hades.

Shogun Assassin was one of the original video nasties, cut together from the first two Lone Wolf and Cub movies into one blood splattered combo for the western market . It’s a gore-fest of the highest order and a real cult classic. Baby Cart to Hades is actually my favourite in the series, Ittō versus an army of 200. It’s a freakin’ barnstormer.

So get yourselves over to the Grimm Up North website to pick up your tickets (a steal at just £6.50). You probably won’t get to see these on a big screen anywhere else.

Grimm have put together an excellent roster of flicks for the coming weeks, so following the Samurai Splatter double bill comes a pre-release screening of A Horrible Way To Die, coupled with the Giallo-worshipping Amer, on the 23rd Feb.

Coming up in March are double bills of documentary Corman’s World with ridiculous sea-killer flick Sharktopus and – most exciting for me – the big screen pairing of both of Lamberto Bava‘s Demons movies. I’m so stoked.

Keep an eye on the Gorepress Facebook page for links to all Grimm events.

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