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[Review contains spoilers] Landmine Goes Click starts off fairly promisingly. We’re introduced to three backpackers (Chris, Alicia and Daniel; the latter two of which are a couple) trekking across rural Georgia – that’s Georgia the country, not Georgia the state – when one of the trio accidentally steps on a landmine. Terrified of detonating the [...]

Rosie and Phil are flying solo this week; with their planned movie scuppered they instead turn to Netflix roulette to decide what to watch, and settle on 2015′s The Unfolding! And no, it’s not a film about origami…much to their disappointment. Enjoy! -R&P

With Rosie back and fighting fit this episode, we decide to play another game of VOD-roulette and eventually settle on The Culling, a NowTV-certified one-star film. Yikes. -SP&R