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The Devil’s Candy is Aussie director Sean Byrne’s follow up to the hugely enjoyable low budget cult hit The Loved Ones. Much like The Loved Ones, music takes a central role as likeable parents Jesse and Astrid Hellman, and their sassy metal-loving daughter Zooey, take up residence in a new country home. Buying the house [...]

We’re down a presenter this week; due to an unexpected illness, Sarah and Phil are without the faithful assistance of Rosie…which in all honesty threw our plans into complete disarray. Abandoning our previously planned choice of film, we’ve instead played a game of Netflix roulette and settled on The Rezort for this podcast! Enjoy… -S&P

Anna Biller must have been one very busy woman. Not only did she direct her film The Love Witch, she produced, wrote, composed for, designed (art, set, costume and production) and edited it as well…so I think it’s fair to say that it’s a film that she must have poured a lot of herself into. [...]

We’ve had a history here at Radio Gorepress of focussing on films that perhaps aren’t as recent as they could be, so for this episode we thought we’d turn to 2016′s Beyond the Gates after having been super stoked by the trailer. But did it live up to the hype, or was it a bit [...]

Dear God No sees The Impalers, an outlaw motorcycle hang hell-bent on rape, murder and merriment, driven to a cabin in the North Georgia mountains, after an altercation (see: massacre) with another club. There they encounter a crazed anthropologist hiding a dark secret in his basement, and a flesh-devouring monster stalking the wilderness outside. Directed [...]