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Throughout Women in Horror Recognition Month, sites like ours have spent the last 28 days extolling the virtues of females in various roles within the genre we all share a strong love for. “It’s something that should be all year round” says Hannah Neurotica, the founder of Women in Horror Recognition Month. “My hope over the [...]

“Why do you write strong female characters?” “Because you’re still asking me that question.” Twenty years ago, in 1992, a film was released that had a slightly different slant on the horror idiom. The cute blonde school girl was not the victim. As the website-breaking title suggests, she turned out, once she had accepted her [...]

Here we are at the fag end of Women in Horror Recognition Month, Gorepress’ lovely Sarah (can I say that without coming across as creepy please?) asked me to contribute a guest blog to the site on the topic and I have been completely blocked for several weeks. “We don’t like to tell people what [...]

We’re at the tail end of Women In Horror Recognition Month 2013 and there’s just one little thing that I couldn’t leave well enough alone not to write about before it’s all over for another year. There’s a  little anthology film that seems to have provoked quite a bit of gender based debate over the [...]

Hungry for another Gorementary? We thought so. This time around, still focusing on female driven horror for Women In Horror Recognition Month, the Gorementary crew have opted for a nostalgic trip back to their teens for a riff of 1997′s The Craft. Will it hold up to rose tinted memories, or will it turn out [...]

Before we start, we have to apologise. The reason this episode is late is entirely down to the fact that it took Jamie a whole day to reconcile misspelling ‘cemetery’. It’s a condition, and he’s working on it. But hey! We’re back for another week of Female Director focused shows due to February being Women [...]

Mama is at times fantastic and at others deeply flawed. It is tonally wonky, sometimes appearing as a gothic fairytale and J-horror rip-off but also as a traditional American ghost story, with evil aunts and agenda-riddled doctors thrown in for good measure. It is creepy but never terrifying and the overuse of crap CGI is [...]

Type: TPS (Third Person Shooter) / Adventure Developer: Visceral Games Platform: Xbox360, PS3, PC Release Date: 14th October 2008 Version Reviewed: Xbox360 As Dead Space 3 has just been released (8th Feb, 2113), I thought I’d start at the beginning. In Dead Space, you star as Isaac Clark… an engineer on a mission to go [...]

After another lengthy hiatus due to pesky real life stuff getting in the way of their fun, and as part of Women In Horror Month, the Gorementators got their pearly whites stuck into a riff of 2007′s femme-nasty flick Teeth. Along the way we talk female empowerment, incest and come up with an imaginative array [...]

In honor of this year’s annual Women in Horror month celebration, there are going to be countless articles published about the errors in the ways the horror genre has represented women over the years. While the injustices of female filmmakers are greatly apparent and consistently topical, the idea of sexism and degrading roles of women [...]

It’s week two of Women in Horror Recognition Month and we’re back with another female directed horror entry. This episode we focus on Amy Holden-Jones’ 1982 slasher flick Slumber Party Massacre, join us as we attempt to give our most investigative podcast to date. Listen in as we do our best to examine the themes [...]

Antiviral is a nasty, bleak, visually arresting film where thriller meets body-horror to startlingly original effect. Directed by Brandon Cronenberg, his Father’s influence is immediately obvious and permeates the entire film, while never feeling derivative. In an alternate reality, the heights of celebrity obsession have hit a peak. Clients of the Lucas Clinic, and other [...]

Grave Encounters 2 is a mixed-bag of decent scares, disturbing imagery, infuriating character-work and an incredibly dull first act. Building on the mythos of the original, the occasionally self-referential, self-knowing, tongue-in-cheek attitude will amuse some but might aggravate others. For fans of the original, this is certainly worth a watch, but newcomers are better off [...]

After the franchise buffet of 2012, I thought it would be nice to kick off the New Year with a wee indie game review for a change. So let’s take a look at one that got everybody talking: Slender: The Eight Pages.

Welcome one and all to our month long celebration of female directors as part of Women in Horror Recognition Month. Each week we’ll be discussing a  genre flick from the fairer sex, kicking off with American Mary. Currently working its way through the hype machine, the Soska Sisters’ film has been lighting up festivals and [...]

Despite the fact that the title breaks our site a little bit, I watched this horror spoof without prejudice. After recently watching Superhero Movie and being surprised how funny and charming it was, I thought that perhaps my blanket avoidance of all spoofs after Scary Movie 2 has been unfounded. Or has it? The short [...]

In celebration of Women In Horror Recognition Month 2013, Gorepress have been compiling a number of articles, features and columns to let the world know, in our own words, just why the fairer sex deserves as much attention as their male counterparts. First off the bat is a list of my own personal Top 5 [...]

Trent Haaga is one of those people that managed to grab me at a very young age. It was his work on Troma’s Edge TV – a show that Troma made to air in the UK – that put him in that list of people whose careers I just had to follow. Following his split [...]

To mark the release of Grave Encounters 2 on February 4th, we’ve got three copies on DVD to give away! While researching the events depicted in the original film and the subsequent disappearance of its lead “actor” Sean Rogerson, Alex Wright received a bizarre video from a mysterious blogger named “DeathAwaits666.” Appearing to show Rogerson [...]