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Bereavement is a competently made horror film but it’s also fantastically pedestrian and massively uninspired. Writer / Producer / Director Stevan Mena does a very serviceable job of creating a emotive, dark little serial-killer flick but it’s simply devoid of anything unique or compelling. Sorry Stevan, but we’ve seen it all before. So what is [...]

It only feels like yesterday when we were sitting down to watch The Seasoning House after hearing Ross Noble talking about skull-f*cking an orphaned child… but Film4 Frightfest the 13th ended over a month ago and we’ve been fighting the withdrawal symptoms since… Luckily the fine people of Frightfest started the Halloween All-nighter, crashing into [...]

Type: FPS (First Person Shoo… Um… Survival) Developer: Dean “Rocket” Hall Platform: PC Release Date: 2012 Requires : Arma II, Arma II Operation Arrowhead, Internet connection We’ve all made our plans for the zombie apocalypse (if you haven’t… Why the hell not??!!). Now you get to see if it would work. Ok, maybe not your [...]

Like a series of increasingly more ridiculous animated music videos, Resident Evil: Retribution is just a string of CGI-heavy action sequences that literally do not matter. You’d think Hollywood would’ve learned from the failings of Sucker Punch, which was all action and no heart, but producer / writer / director Paul W.S. Anderson has taken [...]

Some Guy Who Kills People is a quality little comedy / horror film packed with heart, great performances and some strong laughs. It won’t appeal to horror-hounds desperate for scares and blood, but for people looking for a smart, funny and thoroughly enjoyable horror-comedy they will be greatly pleased. Some Guy Who Kills People is [...]

After a 3 week hiatus the Gorementary is back with a spiky, splintery vengeance to give 2008′s body horror Splinter their own particular brand of drunken, wordy critique! We also go off on the usual tangents covering a whole gamut of other subjects whilst dissecting and affectionately mocking this modern cult classic. As usual, you [...]

It’s a family affair at the Gorecastle as we discuss and dissect Troma classic Mother’s Day for week two of our trip to Tromaville. We also take a cursory glance at recent watches, the trailer for the latest Saw-alike The Collection, along with a mini-discussion of Darren Lynn Bousman‘s remake of the Tro-movie of the [...]

Danielle Harris is quickly becoming a modern horror icon. Having starred in Halloween 4 & 5 at a young age, her career has always touched upon the more violent and dark films. Although she starred in family-friendly flicks such as Don’t Tell Mum the Babysitter’s Dead and Free Willy, she also appeared a Bruce Willis’ [...]

I really wanted to like this film. I think Michael Biehn is great. He’s superb in Aliens, Terminator, The Abyss, The Divide and Planet Terror. When I heard he was making his own horror film – with his wife Jennifer Blanc – I was expecting something bloody decent. The agony of disappointment burns deep. Kyle [...]

Does Michael Biehn really need an introduction? Yes? Okay then. Biehn is a Hollywood stalwart and movie legend, having appeared as Kyle Reese in The Terminator, Corporal Dwayne Hicks in Aliens, Lieutenant Hiram Coffey in The Abyss and in some other films NOT made by James Cameron. Biehn has had his highs (The Terminator) and [...]

The title alone should elicit some sort of response from a viewer. The word “inbred” conjures up various images and ideas for most movie-goers, who might instantly think of The Hills Have Eyes, Wrong Turn, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and that awesome X-Files episode “Home”. Some may find the word “inbred” deeply offensive and might balk [...]

Welcome to Tromaville, population: Us. Over the next few weeks we’ll be taking you on a guided tour of one of the last remaining independent movie companies. This week sees us take on the 1987 black lady pensioner vs neo nazi douchebags flick, Surf Nazis Must Die, as well as a bit of background about [...]

SILENT HOUSE is released on DVD & BLU RAY on Monday 17th September and this is your chance to win a copy on DVD! The film which is shot distinctively in one continuous take tells the story of a young woman Sarah, her father and uncle who have returned to their dilapidated Victorian house in [...]

Let’s play a game of ‘Choose your own adventure’ but with a review. Have you seen this film? If you answer YES then continue onto the review. If you answer NO then stop reading. Go and see it. It’s brilliant. Once you’ve seen it, come back and read this. Although this is a caveat most [...]

Dragon Wasps is utterly idiotic and strangely enjoyable. It isn’t smart, clever, surprising, scary, thrilling or even very funny, but it is a ridiculous, cliché-riddled giant-beast film that is self-knowingly daft and an oddly likeable romp. Utter crap, but still somehow a good laugh. The father of entomologist Gina Humphries (Dominika Juillet) has gone missing [...]

It’s the final week of Revenge Month and we are going out in a trashy blaze of exploitation glory with the 1984 Linda Blair romp Savage Streets! As usual, we kick off with recent watches, discuss the flick in some depth and then move on to new releases. Get involved using the following internets: [...]

This is going to be a short review. Why? Because the film is incredibly simple and not very interesting. It’s not complicated or vastly intelligent. It’s creepy but not scary. It’s well made but not compelling. A Night in the Woods is a horribly average horror film that is almost instantly forgettable. Not terrible, just [...]

Lake Mungo is the sort of film that’s better when you go in blind and for that reason, I’ll try to keep the details to a minimum. It’s ridiculously creepy with an atmosphere of brooding tension and is a perfect example of low budget filmmaking at its best. Australia has had something of a horror [...]

Alice Daley (Ella Connolly) is dead, horribly mauled on her birthday by a diseased hound in her father’s vetenarian practice. Her parents Louise (Eva Birthwhistle) and Patrick (Aidan Gillan) decide to move to the countryside and start a new life, moving into the rough-looking township of Wake Wood. Everything is going reasonably well until they [...]

As part of Revenge Month here at the Gorecast, the guys made it their mission to provide a comentary track for 1972′s infamous video nasty Last House On The Left. There’s talk of Benny Hill, Terry Wogan and cheesy metal band names. Oh, and we talk about the film sometimes too! So, sit back, watch [...]

While Sarah tries to take her revenge on the flu virus working its way through her system, we take a look at Ruggero Deodato‘s House on the Edge of the Park as part of ongoing quest to get even with Revenge Month. We also talk nostalgia, V/H/S, [REC]3, GrimmFest and more. Contact us here: [...]

The year is October 1973 and Bonnie (Tara Reid) takes her kid Steven (Joshua Ormond) to his grandparents house while she sorts out her family ‘issues’ (mostly being her gun-threatening husband and her slight dependence on alcohol). Unfortunately for Steven, his grandparents live in an old farmhouse that Leatherface would feel comfortable in, back-ended by [...]

“The Lost Coast, a part of Northwest California, has the highest number of Sasquatch sighting than any other region. While most scientists consider Bigfoot to be a combination of folklore and hoax, there are some researchers who periodically come forward with controversial new discoveries. The following footage was an attempt to document that discovery…” These [...]

Walk into any DVD shop (what? A DVD shop?! Fine, go online then) and you’ll see a bulging selection of possession-based horror films packing out the shelves. Ever since The Exorcist made it terrifying and popular this sub-genre of horror has seen hundreds of carbon-copy films, some original and some embarrassingly plagiaristic. Recently I’ve spotted [...]