Episode 19 : Riki-Oh

Back once again, with the final look into prison life featuring Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky. A film that we tenuously included in the horror genre because of the gore quotient included. We’ll be spending a week in the hole for that little indiscretion…


We also take a bit of time to talk about the Canadian cult TV show, Todd and the Book of Pure Evil. A show close to Sarah’s heart that currently has fans lobbying for a third season after its unfortunate lack of renewal by the telly suits. As well as all of this, we flashback to a simpler time where the internet was just a twinkle in Bill Gates’ ballbag and discuss the heyday of the Psychotronic Guide and TV shows like OUTthere.

Don’t forget to send your love letters to death row via podcast@gorepress.com, and register to watch us fry live at facebook.com/gorecast. Next week is the Wrap-Up Show, so send in your prison horror lists, stories, recommendations, and whatever else you feel like.


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