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Welcome back to Clowntown. Population: Clowns. In this week’s episode Jamie and Sarah take a good hard look at the 80s camp classic, Killer Klowns From Outer Space, as well as a cursory glance over the career of the men behind the movie, the Chiodo Brothers. Killer Klowns is a much beloved film, but how [...]

The Shrine could’ve been superb. The premise is excellent, the twist surprising and the horror genuinely disturbing in places. Unfortunately the acting and dialogue clunks and creaks in places and the first thirty minutes can make for tiresome viewing. Although certainly a good film, The Shrine smacks of missed potential. American backpacker Eric Taylor is [...]

In the latest auditory assault, Sarah and Jamie take some time to dissect and dismember 1981′s The Funhouse as the first flick in this months Clowntown theme. Expect plenty of talk of ghost trains, dickhead characters, creepy clockwork toys, and squirmy moments alongside the usual trips down digression alley. Hear the new Focus On feature [...]

Tulisa from N-Dubz. Ashley Walters from So Solid Crew. Reggie Yates who presents Top of the Pops sometimes. If these are a few of your favourite things, then Demons Never Die will certainly appeal. Featuring a kickin’ urban soundtrack, guns, knives, teen suicide, constant fucking swearing, half the cast of Adulthood / Kidulthood / Anuvahood [...]

So, with great podcasts come great responsibility. This is why we are so reckless when it comes to wrap up shows, I reckon. On this weeks episode we attempt to examine the theory behind slasher flicks (we pretty much fail though), we take a look at some of the choice new releases hitting DVD stands [...]

We like Craig Fairbrass. He’s a proper British bloke, a damn good actor and bloody easy to talk to. Boston Haverhill did an interview with him in 2010 for the release of Devil’s Playground and he’s clearly a good guy (check it out here), one of our favourite interviewees. Having appeared in Devil’s Playground, Darklands, [...]

Being a resident of this fair city, I’m always looking for exciting new genre-based activities to spend my money on and meet interesting people at. When Grimm Up North was originally announced, I was really excited to have a fully fledged festival right here in my home town. Now alongside the main event in October, [...]

In 1983 Susan Hill wrote a horror fiction novel called The Woman in Black, but little did she know this would spawn an award-winning stage play (1989 – Present Day), an ITV production (1989), two radio plays (1993 & 2004) and now a Hammer horror feature film starring Harry Potter. After the debacle that was [...]

Spanish slasher flick Pieces gets the Gorecast treatment in the final installment of our Stand-alone Slasher Month. As per usual, we jump from topic to topic like ADD addled youths. This week’s off-topic nonsense includes Lovecraft movies, Jamie singing parts of the over-bearing score, the Lucky McKee movie May, and a new and exciting Asylum [...]

Underworld: Awakening is possibly the worst instalment of the Underworld franchise, which says something considering Rise of the Lycans was such an incompetent mess. Lazy, confused, stupid, incomprehensible, laughably bad and – worst of all – boring. Every three years since 2003 the cinema has been assaulted by an Underworld film. The first one was [...]

Robert Englund is superb in Inkubus. This is not a cameo. This is not a ham-stuffed, “line – your – pockets – with – dollars” horrible disappointment like Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer was or the upcoming Strippers vs. Werewolves will undoubtedly be. This is Robert Englund at his finest and well worth watching because of [...]

This is the benchmark. This film is the film all aspiring horror filmmakers should watch and learn from. This is how NOT to make a horror movie. Six twenty-somethings piss off the wrong trucker by overtaking him on a road somewhere in America. This trucker happens to be dressed as a giant bunny and has [...]