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Hello once again, dear listeners! This week, as part of our “Standalone Slasher month”, we take a look at Happy Birthday To Me; the 1981 kill-fest with a small, but strong, fan base. Stopping off along the way to discuss the new Shameless Four Flies on Grey Velvet DVD, Alvin and the Chipmunks, the naivete [...]

Liam Neeson versus CGI super wolves. Ding ding! Fight! In the deep cold of an Alaskan oil drilling facility, Ottway (Liam Neeson) works as a sharpshooter and camp protector, sniping wolves before they get too close (and consume the oil workers). These workers are the scum of the earth – brawling, drunken ex-cons who get [...]

The end of the world. How will it happen? Zombies? Nuclear war? A ridiculously big meteor? Bad weather? Rage? Whatever you’ve imagined (or been told by Hollywood) it’s probably nothing like what happens in PERFECT SENSE, the apocalyptic sci-fi fable starring Ewan McGregor and Eva Green, released on DVD on MONDAY. A new virus is [...]

Back once again, I bet you didn’t believe we would actually record this soon! Actually that would imply anyone was listening, and we all know that ain’t true, huh? This week, as part of our Stand-alone Slasher Month, we cover 1981′s seminal The Burning. Of course, it wouldn’t be us if we didn’t talk about [...]

The title is a reference to the age old cliché of “the darkest hour is just before the dawn”, which is relatively apt considering how clichéd this alien invasion flick really is. Enjoyable fun, with some superb images, but tragically overwrought, predictable and the aliens – once they’re revealed – are ridiculous. Silly, clichéd, fun [...]

Episode 4 : ‘Horror Movies About Horror Movies’ Monthly Wrap Up. This week Jamie and Sarah waffle (and we really mean it this time) all the way through some news, reviews, and what they’ve been watching lately. It’s probably the most boring show they’ve done. No mention is made of the month (or more) past, [...]

When I think of Scotland and Horror, I think of two things – 1.) An American Werewolf in London (beware the moon!) 2.) Glasgow FRIGHTFEST The United Kingdom’s favourite (and best) horror fantasy festival returns to its second home at the Glasgow Film Festival for the SEVENTH year, with its biggest line-up ever. The following [...]

You can imagine the first script meeting for Rogue River. Kevin Haskin and Ryan Finnerty get together and ask a very important question – “What is, like, totally gross and horrible and sickening?” Then they wrote it. Then Jourdan McClure directed it. Then I watched it. Bastards. Whilst The Woman – another recent “kidnapped woman” [...]

Adam Wingard’s acclaimed serial killer road movie, A HORRIBLE WAY TO DIE, is due for release on Monday 19th March. This awesome news comes off the back of a new trailer – check it out here: A HORRIBLE WAY TO DIE TRAILER Looks stylish and nasty – just the way you like it. Winner of [...]

Deadheads is neither dead funny or dead in the water. It’s whatever the lukewarm equivalent of dead is. Dead okay? It hits some marks and severely miss-hits others, and overall comes across as a decent-enough comedy horror. Mike and Brent are dead. The zombie apocalypse has arrived and they’re victims of this shambling plague, turned [...]

Welcome to the slightly later than advertised (only seven months late) Gorepress Gorecast. We’re back again to bore you with our tangential chatter and wrong opinions. Yay! We got together using the internet once again to waffle at you about the post-modern proto-Scream flick, Wes Craven’s New Nightmare. Starring your basic NoES cast, including Heather [...]

Anna Marchant (Milla Jovovich) is a bit of a film cliché – she’s a teacher, her horoscope foretells an encounter with a mysterious stranger that could lead to new possibilities, she’s on Facebook, she has a businessman husband called Bryce, she has two superficial sluttish friends blah blah blah… until one day, it all goes [...]

Shock news! Sand Sharks isn’t terrible. Despite the name, plot, characters, actors and dialogue, Sand Sharks is loveably idiotic and an absolutely, ridiculously shameless horror film. Fun with friends and a bellyful of alcohol, this is not a “good” horror movie but certainly a good laugh. The financially broken island of White Sands is in [...]