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Fatal Pictures is proud to announce FAMILIAR, a new horror short starring Robert Nolan, Astida Auza & Cathryn Hostick as the seemingly idyllic yet ultimately doomed Dodd Family. Voices in your head. We all have them, but hopefully it’s just your own voice, wondering if you’d left the oven on or if Mark from finance [...]

What’s in a title? Bikini Girls on Ice had such an evocative title that it garnered enough interest for – you guessed it! – a sequel. Bikini Girls on Ice has played in over 20 film festivals worldwide and has since found distribution all over the world including North America, Scandinavia, Australia, India, Japan, Germany [...]

Not satisfied with having Corey Feldman in their zombie film, Northern Girl Productions have managed to snag EDWARD FURLONG for the title role in The Zombie King! Furlong shot to fame in 1991 for his role in Terminator 2: Judgement day as John Connor. Along with Terminator 2 Furlong is best known for his roles [...]

Everybody loves a horror anthology; following genre classics like Creepshow right through to TV stalwarts such as Tales From the Crypt and The Twilight Zone. It’s a formula that often works with little effort, because if you don’t like a story, another will be along any minute. It’s an easy starting point for low budget [...]

Seriously sick, seriously twisted and seriously fun – if the title appeals, the film certainly will. Bong of the Dead is a ridiculous, bloody, puerile, childish, drug-addled death fest of cannabis, violence and zombies. Perhaps best watched under – erm – intoxicated conditions, this is a crazy romp unlike anything you’ve ever seen before… Bong [...]

It’s the TRAILER you’ve all be waiting for… Not since Lesbian Vampire Killers has there been a British horror film with quite such an evocative title; STRIPPERS VS WEREWOLVES. So what’s it about? I’m guessing strippers probably have a bit of scrap with some lycanthropes… but there’s more! Probably. Check out the FIRST trailer for [...]