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Prowl is surprisingly good. The story is solid, the direction decent, the script great and the acting excellent. There are a number of awkward moments and it crumbles into absurdity towards the end, but the strong cast hold it together throughout. Enjoyable, original and always interesting. Well worth a watch. Amber (Courtney Hope) has had [...]

Before I get into the main chunk of the review, let me preface it somewhat beforehand. Dominic Burns’ Cut has the distinction of being the world’s first single continuous-shot horror movie; a very impressive accomplishment by all means. Having had some experience in film-making, I can only imagine the logistical nightmare it must have been [...]

Hatchet 2 – limited UK Cinema release! Who loves Adam Green? Gorepress does! Hatchet 1 was hilariously old-school and Frozen was utterly superb (review here), so Hatchet 2 is something we’ve been keen to see for ages. Now you have the chance to see it in an actual cinema, of all crazy places. Hatchet 2 [...]

CURE DISCOVERED: A ZOMBIE FREE WORLD IS POSSIBLE! A Cure for Dead – a new zombie web series has been announced. Survival, gore, sex and action packed into a cutting edge web-series available at your fingertips… A scientist has developed a cure for a looming zombie sickness. After a zombie attack on his lab a [...]

After its success at the AFTER DARK ORIGINAL: HORRORFEST at the beginning of March, Prowl now comes to DVD & Blu-ray 4 April and to celebrate we have 3 copies on DVD to give away! Starring Ruta Gedmintas (BBC 3’s Lip Service), Bruce Payne (Passenger 57) and Courtney Hope (CSI:Miami), Prowl is a vampire film [...]

The Lost Future is a perfectly competent sci-fi thriller, made for television and on a budget. It kicks about clichés and stereotypes with little shame, miss-hits its target audience and rips off a thousand similar projects, but it also has a disarming likeability that will ensure viewers keep watching. The Lost Future is an enjoyable, [...]

The Unforgiving is precisely that; unforgiving, unrelenting, furious, confused, bloody, stylish and insanely fast. It is also badly acted, infuriatingly directed, painfully edited and simply exceedingly annoying. It is an unforgiving experience that some people will relish but many will simply hate. Rex Dobson (Ryan Macquet) and Alice Edmonds (Claire Opperman) have escaped one of [...]

Twisted new horror thriller THE UNFORGIVING comes to DVD on 28th March and to celebrate we have 3 copies to give away! On the outskirts of a city, a spate of killings has plagued a desolate highway. With no leads and nowhere to turn, authorities focus all their attention when two survivors turn up alive. [...]

We Are What We Are is a solid piece of work but significantly lacks pace and likeability. Despite being finely created, it also suffers from being dreary and directionless. This is a missed opportunity. When their aging patriarch dies in the street, a family of suburban cannibals are left to fend for themselves. With a [...]

Horror Lesson #456: never go in cornfields. You can add Husk to Children of the Corn, Jeepers Creepers 2, Roadkill, Signs and a hundred other films where folk wander into corn-growing fields only to never return. Playing out like a less playful episode of TV’s Supernatural, Husk takes some tried and tested ingredients – group [...]

Husk is a chilling-feature from the After Dark Originals brand, coming to DVD & Blu-ray 21 March after screening at the After Dark Original: Horrorfest Weekend March 4th-6th. To celebrate it’s release we have 3 DVDs to give away! Starring Wes Chatham and C.J Thomason (Harper’s Island), and directed by Brett Simmons who has adapted [...]

Some films receive a critical mauling because their production values are abysmal, others because they’re diabolically written, many because of their laughable special effects and some simply because they have Danny Dyer in them. The Resident gets a Gorepress 1 Skull because it quite literally bored me to tears. The premise is as follows: dull [...]

Featuring diabolical child acting, hilariously terrible CGI, hateful characters and a casually absent performance from “star” DMX, Lockjaw fails on a disturbingly large number of levels. Occasionally it works – very occasionally – but mostly it’s a laughable, cheap, shoddy mess. Avoid. Lockjaw begins with two moronic children stealing from the house of a voodoo [...]

To mark the 100th anniversary of the original voyage, a state of the art luxury liner, christened Titanic II sets out to cross the Atlantic, from the US to the UK. A host of special guests are invited along to enjoy the glitz and glamour on board the beautiful ship, but whilst the champagne flows [...]

Aliens. Normally they’re either invading Earth, trying to escape it or probing cattle bums for a laugh. I Am Number 4 features a unique Alien storyline – an Alien who is trying to hide. Perhaps more akin to Superman 2 than the Twilight films, I Am Number 4 is about Number 4 (Alex Pettyfer), one [...]

The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra is brilliantly created and genuinely amusing; occasionally it is laugh-out-loud hilarious and at other times awkwardly banal, creating a strange mix of cunning self-knowingness and utter stupidity. Not for everyone, this is a smart, quality piece of work. 1950’s B-Movies; they were diabolical. Crappy acting, appalling sets, senseless scripts and [...]

The wartime action-adventure is given a thrilling sci-fi twist in the time-bending PARADOX SOLDIERS, which fuses spectacular World War II action with the classic time travel enigma: what if you went back in time and accidentally did something that would critically affect your future existence? Four strangers are enjoying a World War II re-enactment weekend [...]

In this genre-defying grind-house throwback, a group of drug-fueled, sexually deviant medical students are systematically terrorized by Wilma and John Hopper. The Hoppers, serial murderers and rapists, mysteriously return from the 1970s and bring horrifying psychedelia with them. With comedy, subversion, satire and true gore, the students must face escalating attacks, shocking circumstances and visceral [...]