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Doctor Who has a humungous fanbase spanning multiple-media platforms, from computer games to audio books to fan fiction to movies and TV series. It has spawned iconic characters, images and a wealth of ridiculous fashions (a fez? really?). The latest in the long line of cashing-in spin offs is K9. For those who don’t know, [...]

Shelter is horribly disappointing. It starts excellently but quickly descends into cliché, stupidity and messy plotting. Featuring some decent performances and ideas, it is a shame the script is so utterly laughable and the direction so style-less. Good idea, dismally executed. Cara Harding (Julianne Moore) is a psychiatrist who specializes in schizophrenia and multi-personality disorder. [...]

There are certain sequels the world desperately does not require – The Cell 2, Boogeyman 2, Big Momma’s House 2 – and Mirrors 2 is definitely one of them. The original was a laughably bad mess that was unintentionally hilarious throughout, and the idea of a sequel makes the mind boggle. Unless, of course, the [...]

The Thing, Halloween, The Fog, In the Mouth of Madness – John Carpenter is a horror legend – a genius – and a man we love and respect for creating memorable, terrifying and intricately designed masterpieces…he also made Ghosts of Mars. Many have prayed for Carpenter’s return to feature film since 2001, having only knocked [...]

Acclaimed British horror Mindflesh comes to DVD on 24th January 2011 and to celebrate we has 3 copes to give away! Mindflesh is about obsession. Specifically, the obsession of taxi driver Chris Jackson who believes a goddess from a parallel dimension is walking the streets of London. This obsession is destroying the natural order of [...]

Director Michael Shane Leighton and writer Marc Leighton are the brothers responsible for the terrifying found footage horror film Pursuit of a Legend – review here Gorepress’s Boston Haverhill was hugely impressed by their feature debut and wanted to discuss where their ideas came from and how they created such a believable “found footage” film. [...]

Cab driver Chris is having strange visions. He keeps seeing a woman everywhere he goes – an ethereal, haunting image that enthralls and disturbs him. His friends think he’s crazy, his boss is frustrated, his girlfriend’s left him and he’s becoming obsessed. But when this woman becomes manifest and begins to seduce him, Chris realizes [...]

I suspect that Blood Snow (a.ka. Necrosis) will end up being one of those films that’s reduced to repeated showings at the sort of time slot when everyone sane is tucked up in bed and will award it little audience, on The Horror Channel, for the forseeable future. And deservedly so. It’s terrible. At least [...]

Shocking new horror thriller Choose comes to DVD on 17th January 2011 and to celebrate we have 5 copies on DVD to give away! Starring Katheryn Winnick (Amusement, Satan’s Little Helper) and Kevin Pollak (Tropic Thunder, Usual Suspects) Choose is a suspense laden psychological horror also starring Richard Short (Public Enemies). The film marks the [...]

Travellers is a film of two distinct halves. The first half is an amateurish affair, laughable in places, with a ropey script that never quite works. The second half, however, is an interesting character study and a tense horror / thriller. This is solid work and worth watching for the direction, compelling score and the [...]

Season of the Witch is reliably terrible. From the explosively ridiculous cinema trailers to the bus-stop posters featuring Nic Cage in another hilarious wig, it was clearly going to be a po-faced action-horror and laughably crap because of it. In this regards it lived up to expectations, but it also turned out to be even [...]

Brotherhood is a tense thriller about a group of American Fraternity boys; a notoriously difficult concept to sell in Britain, mainly because Frat Houses simply don’t exist here. Not yet anyway, although as our society gradually becomes more americanised I imagine they’ll begin popping up like Super Size meals and the dirty culture of suing [...]

Before I start this review, I have two things to confess. Firstly: I loved the original Lost Boys film. I listened to the soundtrack over and over again. I am one of those people that will infuriate the hell out of you by reciting the entire script while the film plays. When I grew up, [...]

A gun is pointed to your head and you’re asked a simple question; what would you prefer – to have your ear drums destroyed or have your fingers cut off? This is your decision. This is Choose. Choose has an interesting concept and could have been the start of an exciting franchise, but poor writing [...]

2010 was a mixed bag for the majority of us – it was twelve months of joy, pain, fun, boredom, insanity and horror. The credit crunch bit further into our wallets and purses, special UK snow surprised our transport systems to death and the British government once again dropped its boxers and crapped on the [...]