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What the hell is he doing? That will be the response to the character of Zombie (François Sagat), when he squats down and f*cks a corpse… then brings it back to life with his magic black semen. Welcome to L.A. Zombie. And this scene is tame. L.A. Zombie comes in two versions – the 62 [...]

After the success of last month’s screening of Mario Bava’s Danger: Diabolik, Cigarette Burns Cinema are back at the Rio Cinema, one of London’s very few independent cinemas, with none other than Dario Argento‘s mega classic, Suspiria. Rarely ever screened in London, they will be showing it from Nouveaux Pictures/CineExcess visceral BluRay release on the [...]

Brian Metcalf is the director, writer, producer, editor and visual effects supervisor on fantasy-horror film Fading of the Cries. Not released anywhere yet and having only just finished the post production on it, Gorepress’s Boston Haverhill had the pleasure of talking to Brian before Fading of the Cries hits the big screen… or any screen, [...]

Devil’s Playground (produced by Black & Blue Films) is a forthcoming British zombie horror movie with a twist. Set in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, Devil’s Playground features a host of free running zombies, and stars Danny Dyer, MyAnna Buring, Craig Fairbrass and Sean Pertwee, amongst lots of other famous British faces. The release [...]

Suck is hilarious. Although not vastly original, it is bloody, tongue-in-cheek, well directed, solidly acted and features a rocking soundtrack. Suck it up, because it’s awesome. Vampire comedies have not had a good track record – Dracula: Dead & Loving It, Love at First Bite, Vampire in Brooklyn – so Suck may not seem like [...]

Tormenting new horror movie Blood Snow is released on DVD on September 27th 2010. To celebrate the release we’re giving away 3 copies. Starring James Kyson Lee (Heroes), Tiffany and with a special appearance from horror legend Michael Berryman (Hills Have Eyes), Blood Snow is guaranteed to the chill you to the bone! A weekend [...]

Will you survive the zombie outbreak in Fortune City? Find out by entering our Dead Rising 2 giveaway! Be sure to check out to create your own weapons and submit them for a chance to get your creation featured in the next Dead Rising game! Check out some of the brand new DR2 features: [...]

Rampage is horribly unlikable. At its centre is a rotten character that is simultaneously unsympathetic and pathetic. Rampage is violent, furious and occasionally excellent, but it’s also utterly childish and infuriatingly trite. This is a missed opportunity for a director who desperately needs a success. Rampage is a failure. Bill Williamson (Brendan Fletcher) is a [...]

Meir Zarchi might not be a household name, but he was in 1978, and for a heap of controversial reasons – Zarchi is the director, writer and producer of the notorious and original I Spit On Your Grave a.k.a “Day of the Woman”. Banned on its cinematic release throughout most of Europe, cut to ribbons [...]

Army of the Dead is far too serious. If played for laughs it could’ve been genuinely enjoyable and utterly daft, but instead it’s simply appallingly made and incredibly dull. Hampered by a diabolical script, sub-standard acting and hilariously bad CGI, Army of the Dead is not a good film. Three couples and an ugly bearded [...]

The Irish Film Classification Office (IFCO) has banned the DVD re-release of the highly controversial 1978 horror film – I Spit On Your Grave starring Buster Keaton’s granddaughter, Camille Keaton in Ireland. UK fans of the infamous cult film, originally released under the name Day of the Woman in 1978 and later re-titled to I [...]

Van Dieman’s Land is dull. It is competently constructed as a whole, deftly designed and well acted, but it meanders slowly towards a conclusion we already know. Perhaps served better as a drama-documentary rather than a dark, nihilistic horror film, it fails to excite, intrigue or compel. Well created, but tragically pointless. In 1822 eight [...]

Chilling new Japanese horror Death Tube comes to DVD on 20th September 2010. From Yohei Fukada, the director of Chanbara Beauty and Tokyo Gore School, and reminiscent of the Saw series, this extreme splatter game takes place on-line at the site known as “DeathTube”. Tragedy begins with curiosity. The on-line killer website broadcasts scenes of [...]

The original video nasty I Spit On Your Grave is released on Dual Format Edition (Blu-Ray & DVD) and DVD on 20th September 2010, in an Ultimate Collector’s Edition featuring new uncut material previously unseen in the UK! To celebrate the release we have 3 copies of the special edition DVD to give away! I [...]

Magnet Releasing, genre arm of Magnolia Pictures announced today that it has acquired North American rights to Kim Jeewoon’s (The Good, The Bad and The Weird and A Tale of Two Sisters) I Saw The Devil at the Toronto International Film Festival. Shockingly violent and stunningly accomplished, I Saw The Devil transcends the police procedural, [...]

Fear Island is incredibly dumb. Not in a Wayans Brothers “Not Another Movie” dumb and not in a Return of the Killer Tomatoes knowingly dumb, but in an accidental way that is both embarrassing and frustrating. It is poorly thought out, shoddily acted and incredibly unsubtle. Fear Island is very bad. It begins with an [...]

Magnet Releasing, genre arm of Magnolia Pictures announced on 14th September that it has acquired North American rights to Chawz, a wild and funny Korean monster movie about a giant, vicious pig terrorizing an idyllic countryside. Directed by Jeong-won Shin, Chawz is an affectionate tribute to classic monster movies that boasts fantastically gory special effects [...]

The Girl Next Door is a surprise – at first it disarms you, then it gradually throws things a little off kilter and finally it sends everything plummeting headlong into hell. Riveting, horrific, upsetting and fantastically created, The Girl Next Door is a compelling, uncomfortable watch. Excellent work. It’s the summer of 1958 and young [...]

Josh (Patrick Wilson) and Renai (Rose Byrne) have a happy family with their three young children. When tragedy strikes their young son, Josh and Renai begin to experience things that science cannot explain. James Wan and Leigh Whannell, the co-creators of Saw, join forces with the producers of Paranormal Activity to take you on a [...]

Resident Evil: Afterlife is incredibly dumb. Director Paul W.S. Anderson has taken a greatly loved franchise and spent eight years slowly twisting its head around, laughing like a lunatic as we all pay money to see the gradual destruction of something we love. Resident Evil: Afterlife finally wrenches its head off… then takes a squat [...]

Anthony Straeger is the Director of Call of The Hunter. Gorepress’s Boston Haverhill met up with him in the classy establishment that is The William Morris Wetherspoons pub In Hammersmith. Ignoring the drunks, the smell of spilt alcohol and the carpet that feels like angry Velcro, we sat down to discuss his first feature film. [...]

Those of you who have read our review of Brit possession horror movie The Torment (a.k.a. The Possession Of David O’Reilly) will already know how much we loved it. Now, thanks to the folks behind the flick, we’ve got a couple of copies on DVD, signed by the main stars Zoe Richards and Giles Alderson, [...]

Possession movies – they’ve not had a great track record in recent years; The Haunting in Connecticut, Possessed, Exorcist: The Beginning, even The Exorcism of Emily Rose failed to really compel. So is The Last Exorcism really worth your attention? Yes. Definitely. Go and see it. Right now. Actually, scrap that – read the paragraph [...]

F is a quality British horror film. It is well directed, well acted and has a haunting, exciting soundtrack that is incredibly atmospheric. Tragically the plotting seems inconsistent and there’s a distinct lack of payoff, but this doesn’t harm the film too much. It is thoroughly enjoyable, genuinely tense, truly horrible in places and well [...]