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Fresh from their joint success co-directing The Blair Witch Project, Eduardo Sanchez and Daniel Myrick each chose to pursue solo directorial projects. Going some way to suggesting that he was the more talented of the pair, Sanchez gave us the hugely underrated alien abduction thriller Altered while Myrick offered up this pile of turgid rubbish. [...]

1348, and the bubonic plague is beginning to ravage Europe, and will eventually kill nearly two hundred million people. Is this God’s punishment, or the work of devilry? Novice monk Osmund (Eddie Redmayne), with his wavering faith, is chosen to guide a group of bishop’s men to a small village hidden deep in the marshes, [...]

Jamie has access to a snazzy camera and uses it to record himself venting his spleen on the topics of new Philip Ridley movie Heartless and his love for the now done and dusted TV show Lost in this, his third Gorepress Vlog.

Seventh Moon is creepy and nasty but suffers from a tiresome plot and annoying direction. Overly long even at eighty-eight minutes, it is a decent watch but sadly nothing special. Honeymooners Melissa (Amy Smart) and Yul (Tim Chiou) are visiting China, where Melissa will meet her husband’s family for the first time. They arrive during [...]

The year is 1976, and the Lewis family find a package on their porch. It is a box with a big red button on it. If they press it they’ll receive one million dollars, which is awesome. But pressing it will also kill someone in the world – someone they do not know. The premise [...]

Shot in twenty days and on a micro-budget of just $365,000 (Canadian), using only a single set measuring 14′x14′ and a cast of unknowns, Cube is one of those films that it’s a joy to come across, because if nothing else it attests to the fact that a film which has an interesting idea and [...]

This was first published in HORROR 101: The A-List of Horror Films & Monster Movies, and is reproduced here (with a few updates to include comments on the remake) by kind permission of the good people at Midnight Marquee (thanks Gary & Sue!) and the book’s creator, editor and my good friend Aaron Christensen, for [...]

Trashy, idiotic, badly written, terribly directed and utterly devoid of quality, it’s probably not a surprise that Anacondas 4 is a despicable mess, but it’s barely even entertaining. Picking up exactly where Anacondas 3 left off, we’re given an embarrassingly plot-heavy voiceover prologue where a scientist explains all you need to know about the super-snake [...]

Chad Ferrin made his first movie ‘Unspeakable’ a decade ago. Since then he’s been working hard to create a name for himself and with his fourth directorial effort ‘Someone’s Knocking At The Door‘ in the bag and due for release in the US on the 25th of May, he’s certainly doing just that. Gorepress was [...]

We all have icons, whether it be sports stars, royalty, filmmakers, singers or talentless heiresses, and we all either want to be them, befriend them, make love to them or a weird narcissistic combination of all three. But it’s rare you ever get to be near enough to them to even yell sweet nothings at [...]

The beard is back! In his second vlog, Jamie gives us his thoughts on upcoming movies Super 8 and The Black Death and their trailers. Plus, a few Gorepress updates.

Wind Chill is a very decent horror film. It may be occasionally clichéd, and may confuse some audiences, but the acting, direction and script are beautifully crafted. Wind Chill is well worth your attention. It’s December 23rd and a nameless Girl (Emily Blunt) desperately wants to get home to Delaware. Despite usually flying, she decides [...]

Left Bank (or Linkeroever in its native Belgium) is a beautifully shot, ambitious, ultimately a little confused but still striking piece of filmmaking. It’s a slow-burn supernatural horror, which has been compared to classics like Rosemary’s Baby and The Wicker Man and while it never quite manages to reach the promise of those lofty claims, [...]

The remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street is infuriatingly pointless. It is neither exciting, scary, smart, sharp, funny, creepy or effective – it is simply expected and utterly dull. Do not watch this film – go to sleep instead. For every great Hills Have Eyes remake there’s a diabolical Halloween re-imagining, for every explosive [...]

Since Jamie’s been bogged down with an epic amount of Uni work and miscellaneous other commitments, he decided it was the perfect excuse to record the first ever Gorepress vlog. Hear his voice, see his beard and enjoy the rambley goodness.

In this, our latest podcast, we take an in depth look at the giallo classic Tenebrae and the craptacular Giallo. Both directed by former genius of Italian cinema, Dario Argento. We also chat about House Of The Devil (again), Macauley Culkin, style over substance, who is the actual podcast sidekick, among other bullshit. Feedback, text [...]

When Marie, an introverted young athlete, collapses and is forced to take a rest from competitive sport, she decides to move in with her new boyfriend in his flat in Left Bank. Their passionate relationship at first seems to help her recovery, until she discovers that the previous tenant of the flat mysteriously disappeared. Marie [...]