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Centurion is Brit-director Neil Marshall’s fourth film and, like the once brilliant M. Night Shyamalan, his recent works have failed to impress as much as his first two films. Centurion is a decent film, which fails on a number of levels, but luckily the tightly-written dialogue, some ace cinematography and the excellent acting throughout saves [...]

White Lightnin’ is the rather sensationalised account of real life ‘dancing outlaw’ Jesco White. It chronicles his life in the Appalachian Mountains, from childhood to adulthood with all the abuse, grief, drug use, institutionalisation, reform school stints, true love, death and murder in between. When his Father, famous mountain dancer D-Ray White is killed, Jesco [...]

Skimming a little off the top of Dog Soldiers, Outpost is a solid little supernatural horror with plenty of piss-your-pants scares, a genuinely creepy threat in the form of some re-animated Nazi super soldiers and lots of great acting. To boil it all down, Outpost is about a group of top mercenaries from all over [...]

Based in the sleepy Washington town of Port Gamble, ZMD features a number of disconnected townsfolk fight against zombie hordes, the religious right, and casual xenophobia in this satirical zombie comedy. Zombies Of Mass Destruction is a slightly too on-the-nose allegory of the current Iraq war, leaving no room for interpretation. Even the title is [...]

Three young women – Kim (Jaime Winston), Lisa (Sian Breckin) and Tammi (Nichola Burley) – are on holiday in Spain when they meet up with four young men – Josh (Julian Morris), Bluey (Tom Burke), Marcus (Jay Taylor) and Sean (Robert Boulter) – who invite them to party on the yacht which they’re “babysitting” and [...]

Like some sort of horror Home Alone, The Collector is a home invasion slasher with elements of “torture porn” in which a masked killer sets up traps for an unfortunate family and a burglar who breaks in to steal a rare ruby. Arkin is a safe cracker with family trouble, he cases a family home [...]

Storage is a fantastically taut, nerve-shredding Australian horror with more twists and turns than a particularly elaborate rollercoaster ride. The set-up is brief and to the point, but paves the way for a slow-burning psychological thriller that may just have you on the edge of your seat. Jimmy has just lost his Dad in a [...]

This show we look at two tales of vengeance in America’s south. The slightly artsy White Lightnin’ and the genre classic Two Thousand Maniacs.
Hear as Jamie waxes vitriolic over one of the genre’s most loved movies an hear Sarah lavish praise on English up-and-comer Edward Hogg.

In Season 5, The X Files begins to become tragically self-indulgent. It features 3 alien conspiracy two-parters, one episode entirely dedicated to the creation of The Lone Gunmen and many more that reference the previous 4 series. The individual episodes on offer are enjoyable, but sadly few and far between.

The title may not inspire confidence for some viewers, but the Gay Bed & Breakfast of Terror is neither a homophobic rant or a anti-hetero cavalcade of campery. It can be confused at times, is laughably low-budget and has a poorly constructed finale, but it’s a kooky, funny, utterly stupid, maniacal little horror that is [...]

Looking at the modern remake of the seminal 1960’s existential-horror series, The Prisoner. I grew up watching the re-runs of The Prisoner when I was a teenager, and it fucked with my head. I’m not exaggerating, it utterly messed me up – I would have Kafka-like nightmares of being trapped by normality, go into school [...]

Calabrese formed in 2003 and consists of brothers Jimmy, Bobby and Davey. Their distinctive horror-punk sound has earned them comparisons to some of the genres biggest groups and an adoring legion of hardcore fans. Bridging the gap between The Misfits and Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, the boys have just released their 3rd album ‘They Call [...]

Getting revenge on the high school bullies is every goth teens wet dream, in the past these fantasies have led to massacres such as Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold’s senseless shootings in Columbine High School. These attacks have been discussed and dissected in films such as Heathers and Elephant, but none have been so nasty [...]

Tony: London Serial Killer is dark, disturbing and utterly compelling. It is brilliantly acted by Peter Ferdinando and is gloomily delivered with disturbing subtlety by writer / director Gerard Johnson. Truly excellent filmmaking. Tony is a socially retarded, sad little man. He has an awkward gait, a horrendous moustache and he’s had twenty years of [...]

I was very much underwhelmed by the first [REC] movie, some of you may be aware it was effectively heralded as the second coming of horror cinema. Seeing it with that fact leaping around in my mind diminished my enjoyment somewhat, as what I actually saw was a fairly run-of-the-mill cinéma vérité take on the [...]

Here in this third episode of the Gorepress Gorecast, we debate Asian horror with reviews of Hong Kong’s The Eye and South Korea’s Hansel & Gretel, with lashings of awful pronunciation. Taking in sights on the the orient express, and occasionally stopping off to discuss Lake Mungo, Twin Peaks, Nicolas Cage, private jokes (that weren’t [...]

Set two years after a zombie outbreak, Dead Road is an online-exclusive series of ‘webisodes’ that follow a group of scavengers as they attempt to co-exist and outrun the deadly virus and the walking undead it creates, as well as staying on the right side of the other survivors and doing the best they can [...]

It’s been a little while since we blogged so I thought I’d bring everyone up to date with what’s been going on in the World of Gorepress. For the last week we’ve been plagued by illness and internet issues. Those of you that know me, might say ‘But Sarah! That’s surely a hyperbolic statement if [...]

Unless you’ve been stuck in a coffin with Ryan Reynolds for the past three years, you’ll have noticed that 3-D is making a comeback. This time, however, it’s not the red/green cardboard glasses nightmare of old – it’s the future of cinema. Apparently. What is 3-D? What is 3-D? Theatre. That is 3-D. Real life [...]

Freaked is a film very much of its time that has somehow managed to gain longevity based off of its wacky college boy humour and its surreal glee. It tells the cautionary tale of letting success get to your head, as Ricky Coogan (Bill & Ted’s Alex Winter) takes a high paying job as the [...]

Produced by The Asylum Studios, Freakshow is a loose retelling of Tod Browning’s classic 1932 movie Freaks. Being that Freaks is one of my all-time favourite movies, and armed with the knowledge that Freakshow was produced by the same company responsible for Gorepress favourite Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus, Transmorphers and Snakes On A Train, [...]