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Adam Green is a director with a bright future, although I think he may surprise a few genre lovers somewhere along the way, I’m pretty sure that some of the Hatchet fanboys are unaware his first movie was a romantic comedy that was picked up by Disney. After directing the wonderfully old school Hatchet, and [...]

George A. Romero is known for one thing – zombies. He’s created a genre, he’s a master of it, but his latest offerings have been ill-received and border on accidentally parodying his previous work. It’s testament to the latest film’s quality that it didn’t even receive a theatrical release in the UK – and the [...]

Also known as Baby Blues in the States, Cradle Will Fall is a shocking, visceral thriller, if not a wonderfully made one. Out in the middle of nowhere, on a remote farm, live a woman and her 4 children. Her husband is a truck driver and often away for long periods of time, leaving her [...]

“In October of 1994, three student filmmakers disappeared in the woods near Burkittsville, Maryland while shooting a documentary. A year later their footage was found.” …thus begins The Blair Witch Project, comparatively one of the most successful horror films of all time. Chances are you’ve heard the plot; three aspiring filmmakers venture into the Burkittsville [...]

The Fourth Kind is confusing, boring and patronizing. Although it attempts to compel and scare, it tries too hard and fails miserably. Perhaps relatively harmless, it lacks pace and occasionally frustrates. Not a disappointment of a film, more just a waste of time. Dr Abigail Tyler is nervous. Being interviewed by Chapman University in front [...]

The circus brings out a kind of primordial fear in me. When I see scrawny people swallowing swords, or full grown men with painted faces performing slapstick, or gymnasts dressed in spandex balancing on top of each other, my gut response is not to clap and eat popcorn but to think : Kill them. Kill them with fire.

Kick-Ass is fantastic. It is fun, kinetic, rude, bloody, incredibly violent and slyly humorous throughout. Watch it. Dave Lizewski is a geek. Flanked by two nerdy friends and having no hope of ever getting a girlfriend, he fantasizes about being a superhero. Not just to get a girl, but because he sees the injustice in [...]

So, Sarah and Jamie are back with a second episode! And here it is, warts and all.
We review Brian Yuzna’s Faust: Love Of The Damned and Fraser C. Heston’s Needful Things, as well as the usual discussions on what we have been watching, upcoming releases and whether you would kill a dog for a Teddy Ruxpin.

So, we were hoping to have had the second ‘Gorecast’ in the bag right now but due to unforeseen circumstances (involving connection problems and the like) we’ve been unable to record it as yet. Take 2 is happening tomorrow though so keep all your extremities crossed that our shitty luck doesn’t get in the way [...]

Tense, disturbing, creepy and very well designed, Scorsese’s latest is a quality piece of work but sadly suffers from a saggy, elongated ending and a touch of the predictables. Despite this, it is an excellent watch. Mental asylums for the criminally insane. Not good. Especially when one of the criminally insane prisoners goes missing. The [...]

2009’s Friday The 13th is not a remake. It’s a rejuvenation of the franchise in the same way that Halloween H20 was for the Halloween series of films. It either ignores or reinvents a lot of the Jason Voorhees history to suit it’s own needs and sometimes pretends that everything that came after the first [...]

Night of the Eagle may be a title that sounds more suited to a spy thriller (though still better than the alternative name by which this is known in the States – Burn, Witch, Burn!), but what it conceals is an underrated gem, a taut psychological chiller that pits belief in the supernatural firmly against [...]

The Devil’s Chair is appallingly acted, directed and scripted, and the semblance of a decent idea is so swamped by ineptitude that it fails to make any impact and only results in a mildly offensive, hugely pointless disappointment of a film that should never be watched by anyone. Do not waste your time even reading [...]

The X Files Season 4 begins to wane towards the trite, as Scully’s development of cancer makes the season depressing and nihilistic, but it has some quality individual episodes and some interesting conspiracy arcs, although it never manages to excel.

The X Files Season 3 is still The X Files at its best. The conspiracy episodes are compelling and the individual episodes are smart, unique and immersive. Great stuff.

After her brother is killed by the son of a Yakuza mob boss, Ami Hyuga (Minase Yashiro, in her film debut) loses her lower arm after trying to avenge him. Escaping the clutches of the Yakuza clan, Ami ends up in the capable hands of a mechanic and his wife. The three then naturally come [...]

As I’m sure you’ll probably have realised, we went live with the very first Gorepress podcast this morning and so far we’ve had a surprisingly positive response. Surprising to me anyway, I think Jamie was a lot more confident than me from the get-go! I’m still amazed that anyone is willing to listen to me [...]

Finally hear Jamie and Sarah discuss films together! You know you’ve been waiting for it…
In our first ever foray into podcasting we manage to get everything wrong, the sound is a bit crappy and we swear far too much. But we had fun, and that’s what counts.

Released today on DVD in the UK, Cut is currently pending confirmation from The Guinness Book of World Records of its title as the first single continuous-shot suspense horror movie ever filmed. Starring movie legend Zach Galligan (Gremlins 1 & 2), Michael Socha, Simon Phillips and tabloid-darling Danielle Lloyd in her debut role, Cut is [...]

Skinwalkers is as glossy and good-looking as it is devoid of any sort of emotional or intellectual depth. It’s a classic case of style being favoured over substance. A Mother (Rhona Mitra) and her young son live a quiet life in a rural town surrounded by family and friends, who, unbeknownst to her are skinwalkers; [...]

The City of the Dead (which was given the more schlock-oriented title Horror Hotel when it was distributed in the US) is the very first film to be produced by Amicus Productions, known at the time as “Vulcan Productions” and is an effective if clichéd tale of witchcraft and black magic, starring Christopher Lee and [...]

Sublime follows George Grieves as he checks into the Mt. Abaddon Hospital for a routine colonoscopy but wakes up with stitches having been the victim of an administrative error and instead received a superfluous sympathectomy; an invasive procedure that involves snipping a nerve in order to cure sweaty palms. He is surrounded by an array [...]

So, I boarded the train on Friday afternoon, with Steel Panther blaring in my ears (as it so often is), I could tell by the smirk of the girl opposite me that she dug it. A quick change at Preston got me well on my way to Glasgow… I felt a little bit guilty asking [...]

The Crazies is a brutal, enjoyable, cunningly nihilistic film, but it is derivative of the genre and sadly predictable. Something is wrong with the residents of Ogden Marsh. The doctor’s noticed it, the town sheriff’s noticed it, the family burnt alive by their insane dad has certainly noticed it. And the army has noticed it, [...]

Cirque du Freak is completely idiotic. This will come as no surprise to anyone who’s seen the trailer, but it is completely idiotic in a relatively harmless, enjoyable way. It is damaged by poor editing, careless acting and the occasional scripting howler, but it’s silly, watchable fun that children and adults can both watch and [...]