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Walled In is a rather lacklustre affair that recalls some of the giallo greats in tone and visuals, if not in content. Sam Walczak (Mischa Barton) is a recent University graduate who holds a new engineering degree that she decides to put to use by joining the family demolition business. Her first assignment, given to [...]

The X Files – Season 2 is brilliant throughout, featuring some now iconic episodes and some really innovative ideas. The X Files is shut down, Scully is abducted and alien clones are discovered.

Solomon Kane is tremendous fun. It’s about as cerebrally challenging as Saturday morning television, but it never tries to be anything but a great, violent, insane adventure, and it succeeds admirably. Solomon Kane is an evil man. He murders without thought – for profit, for vengeance, for fun – and he’s damn good at it. [...]

Written, produced and directed by award winning filmmakers Paul Feeney, Ryan McDermott, & Sean Candon, Mark Macready and the Archangel Murders is a high concept independent short film filled with numerous memorable characters, laugh out loud moments, original creature effects and a taste of true British comedy with a sprinkle of horror. Mark Macready and [...]

Calling Demon Warriors wildly, brutally insane is perhaps an understatement. It is confused, excessively violent, baffling and thoroughly enjoyable. A great watch, but any attempt to understand the story will have even the smartest person scratching the scalp off their skull. Mad, confusing, bloody fun. Demon Warriors begins with a screen declaring “This movie is [...]

The X Files Season 1 is still as fresh as it was 17 years ago. Yes – 17 years ago! It was innovative, intelligent, scary, funny and endlessly watchable. Every episode was a triumph filled with intrigue, great dialogue and a real sense of purpose. Truly brilliant

Holidays in foreign countries never work out for horny Americans. They begin well, with a plethora of drugs, prostitutes and drinks, but always seem to end with a helping of horrible violence. Borderland is exactly like this – tragically clichéd, but also burdened with a lackluster storyline, some dull direction and poor character work. It’s [...]

Otis is a satirical take on the recent horror-porn phenomenon. It’s not a perfect film but it does work pretty well as a parody of this latest slew of Hostel and Saw-esque exploitative movies. Otis is an overweight pizza delivery man who lives in his brothers shadow and uses his spare time to kidnap young [...]

I can’t say that back when I heard the announcement that Rob Zombie would be helming a remake of John Carpenter‘s classic Halloween that I was thrilled, not because I’m one of those people who hold a film in such high reverence that I consider a remake to automatically be verboten (after all, Carpenter himself [...]

As you might be aware, things are a bit rough for me at the moment. All this GoreZone stuff (see Sarah’s last blog if you’re not familiar with it yet) is stressing me out and upsetting me like you wouldn’t believe. I am pretty sure they will come to their senses when they consult a [...]

Although she’s a relative newcomer to the fright business, Bianca Barnett is already making waves. Having used the internet to raise awareness of her rising star and create a loyal fan-base in the process, she’s gone from ‘horror hottie’ to serious actress in a fairly short space of time. Given that it’s Women In Horror [...]

Catchy isn’t it? The name, I mean. Almost impossible for it not to pique your interest just a little. That’s how I got sucked in anyway; morbid curiosity. Run! Bitch Run! Is actually a very heartfelt love letter, addressed to the grindhouse era of film-making. It’s a modern rape and revenge exploitation flick that harks [...]

Tamara is a lonely, introverted, dowdy high schooler who is regularly picked on and has an unrequited crush on Mr. Natolly, her English teacher. Her drunken Father abuses her and her Mother is dead but before she died, she managed to instil a love of witchcraft in Tamara which she uses to attempt a love [...]

Blood Gnome is shockingly appalling, but in that fun ‘grab some friends, sink some beers and laugh at all the horrendousness’ kind of a way. It has everything a good horror movie needs; surprisingly decent gore, loads of nakedness and a tonne of puppets. Oh, and bondage. The storyline is actually pretty darn original. Daniel [...]

The Wolfman is a series of expected vignettes lacking any originality or accomplishment. The characters are dull and humourless, the action swift and unrewarding, the effects unimpressive and boring, the story ancient and crumbling. In parts it may entertain, and the body-count is impressively high, but overall it’s a missed opportunity to retell a classic [...]

Good ‘avo dear readers (that‘s ‘Good Afternoon‘ for the benefit of you non-Northern, upper-middle class types). Last weekend I made some new friends in the form of a few evil gnomes, a paedophilic kidnapper, some rubbish zombies and a mental, murderous ice-cream man. They were, of course, all on a TV screen. Thankfully my real [...]

Diary Of The Dead is a bad zombie movie, and a pretty bad movie in general. It’s sad that, knowing George Romero’s pedigree and knowing that this is a continuation of his famous, and infamous, ‘Dead’ franchise, it’s both disappointing and saddening to see what sort of disoriented crap he’s churning out these days. The [...]

Troll 2 is somewhat of a cult in the States, only a cursory glance at the documentary Best Worst Movie shows the mass adoration for this little flick all over college campuses and late night boozy film sessions with tanked up frat boys and true lovers of bad genre cinema. And it definitely is bad [...]

If you read my Top 10 Horror Flicks Of The Decade, you’ll already know the spot that Cabin Fever holds in my heart. Eli Roth moulded a near perfect homage to the classic gross out movies of yore. Being such a fan of that original, I waited patiently, and with trepidation, for Ti West‘s sequel. [...]

The film begins with the shock statement – “1 in 4 Americans have a parasite. Many are deadly” – and this is where the shocks, surprise and anything resembling originality ends. Growth is a simple film that, despite a few good performances and a couple of nice scenes, is so dipped in its own self-importance [...]

Zach Galligan is best known as being Billy Peltzer in Gremlins 1 & 2, but he’s also so much more. He’s acted in classics such as Waxwork 1 & 2, cameoed in Warlock 2 and Hellraiser 3 (wonderfully impaled with a pool cue), walked the boards on stage, starred in TV dramas as diverse as [...]

Hi there reader types, it’s me, Jamie. I’ve been pretty quiet on the site these last few weeks, I did a bit of focusing on my personal blog, Lets Get Dangerous_, and a bit of work on a short film that I plan on shooting in the summer. Obviously, you lot will get all of [...]

Train is a film of two halves. The first half is interesting, gripping, intense, creepy and brutal. The second half gets lost in its own blood and guts, sloppily executing a lengthy, confusing finale that quickly becomes frustrating. Despite being enjoyable throughout, Train is a significantly damaged vehicle. Train begins with a man being peeled [...]

Firstly, welcome to and thanks for choosing us as your one-stop premier horror site of such high pedigree. Well… the ‘thank you’ part is valid at least. It’s been an important first six months in the life of our modest little horror site and I figured that now is as good a time as [...]

Obviously, any horror film that can consistently send chills up your spine throughout its runtime is a horror film worth watching. But when a film that is almost fifty years old accomplishes the same feat without ever seeming dated, it’s practically a must-see for any horror fan. In an adaptation of Henry James’ The Turn [...]