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With several movies coming out this year alone, the future’s looking very promising for fledgling British production company Black & Blue Films. Recently, I was lucky enough to get the chance to ask one of the men behind the company; Jonathan Sothcott, a few important questions about some of his upcoming productions and his love [...]

Starring an incredible cast of veteran British actors including Dexter Fletcher, Jason Flemyng, Craig Fairbrass, Billy Murray and Steven Berkoff, Dead Cert is a brit-crime movie with an interesting supernatural edge. Set and filmed in London, it tells the tale of a tough ex-gangster; Freddy ‘Dead Cert’ Frankham, who is approached by a group of [...]

Fictional director Wilson Wyler Concannon (William Sadler) made a horror movie in the 80’s that was so barbaric and so gruesome that it was never granted a release. Dubbed the scariest film ever made by the handful of people that had seen it, the film and its infamous director, not to mention the actors and [...]

It would be easy to dismiss Penny Dreadful with a cheap pun on its title but in actual fact, it’s not dreadful, it’s just not that great. As a child, Penny was involved in a terrible car crash that saw her Mother bleed to death right in front of her. Cut to the present day [...]

In terms of British horror comedies, Shaun Of The Dead is still top of the tree but by most peoples standards Severance comes a very, very close second. Directed by Christopher Smith (Creep, Triangle) it blends the two genres so seamlessly that it makes it look effortless. Severance follows a group of weapons company (the [...]

Apparently one Wrong Turn does deserve another. Much like that awful pun, Wrong Turn 2: Dead End is about as subtle as an axe in the crotch. It is insanely violent, surprisingly witty and a lot of fun. Occasionally it veers into being sickeningly ugly and knowingly predictable, but overall it is entertaining in a [...]

Feast 2 picks up almost exactly where Feast left off. It’s the following morning and the monsters have torn though the town and left havoc in their wake. The bar manager (Clu Gulager), who appeared to have bought the farm in the first film, is found half-dead by the twin sister of the first movies’ [...]

Hailing from Leeds and signed to Brew Records, These Monsters are about to unleash their particular brand of darkly atmospheric punk-rock on the unsuspecting UK public. The four piece have already garnered much praise and have acquired quite the positive reputation for their memorable, orchestral live shows. Their first single, titled ‘Call Me Dragon’, is [...]

Coffin Rock is a movie of two halves. One half is a slow-burning drama with a lurking danger, while the other half is a tense, slightly disturbing thriller / horror. It is well made, yet so startlingly unoriginal that it will never be thought of as great or innovative. Solid work, but easily forgotten. Jessie [...]

From the director of House of the Dead, Alone in the Dark 1 & 2, BloodRayne 1 & 2 and Postal comes a half-decent film… somehow. Far Cry is stupid, clichéd and utterly predictable, but it is also funny, enjoyably violent and enjoyably silly. Do not bring your brain anywhere near this film otherwise it [...]

Normally the Wild West horror genre is reserved for dying franchise sequels like From Dusk ‘Til Dawn and Tremors, but occasionally films such as Dead Birds and The Burrowers attempt to inject originality into these wavering genre. Set in the 1879 badlands of the American Wild West, The Burrowers does a good job of making [...]

Centring around a small group of people who are attending a screening of an old, fictional 70’s horror movie called The Dark Beneath, Midnight Movie sees The Dark Beneath’s mentally unstable director taking on the guise of his cult movie’s antagonist to pick off the audience members one by one. They soon realise that they [...]

Recipe No. 1 – take one potentially brilliant idea and pour it into a pot, then mix shamelessly with a director / writer duo who love blood, violence and CGI exploding vampires. Now you have the recipe for Daybreakers. This film smacks of un-met potential throughout, and although it’s great fun in places, dull in [...]

The Road is a depressing, beautiful film, crafted expertly to portray a post apocalyptic America where hope is very hard to retain. It is slightly plot-less, but so well created and acted that it doesn’t matter. Grim, visually stunning and brutal, The Road is a film about clinging onto what is left of Humanity before [...]

American Psycho 2 is a dumb movie for dumb people. It takes everything that was great about the first, rolls it into a neat little ball and then throws it in the trash in order to make way for lazy plotting, poor performances and a thoroughly contrived and predictable storyline. American Psycho was a great [...]

Taking almost no time at all to get to the action, Santa’s Slay begins with a sequence that firmly cements its credentials in the horror-comedy camp, with the emphasis heavily on low-brow, deliciously dark comedy. We are treated to a glimpse at a family Christmas during which time Santa Claus, in the form of giant [...]

Zombie Virus On Mulberry Street is a hugely enjoyable movie. It’s knowingly silly whilst simultaneously managing to be gripping and affecting. The plot, as with most zombie movies, is ridiculously simple, it chronicles the outbreak of a deadly infection that causes humans to turn into hideous mutant rat creatures with a taste for flesh, and [...]

Blood: The Last Vampire is a diseased prostitute of a film – the idea is solid if risky, the initial few minutes are great fun, but then you gradually realize exactly how much pain you’re going to be in later on and it’s a horrible, heart-aching trudge that you will pay for in a lot [...]

First showcased as part of HorrorFest’s 3rd lot of 8 Films To Die For, and combining two famous Australian legends, Dying Breed tells the tale of four friends who decide to venture into the Western Tasmanian bush in an attempt to find and photograph the supposedly extinct Tasmanian tiger. We soon find out that zoologist [...]

“There’s a lot of crazy shit in these woods”, Ricky the redneck utters, and I cannot disagree. Pig Hunt is totally insane, but in an excellent way. Violent, witty, pacy, a little confused but lovingly crafted, it is hard not to enjoy the carnage-filled madness on display. This is great, brutal entertainment. John is going [...]