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Starring Ashley Greene, best known for her popular role in the tween-oriented vamp-centric Twilight movies, Summer’s Moon has used every cheap trick in the book to garner some much needed publicity off the back of that franchises success, from making the front cover look like that of a vampire movie to declaring its vague affiliation [...]

Made two years ago by first time writer/director Oren Peli and only now granted a release, Paranormal Activity is a movie that’s come straight from the Blair Witch School Of Shoestring Filmmaking. Comparisons to The Blair Witch Project are inevitable but not completely unfounded as both movies used hand-held cameras, both had completely unknown, freshman [...]

Everyone has that one movie that changed their life, that experience that completely altered the way they viewed the world. For some people it is Citizen Kane, for others it might be Twilight. For me, it was Terror Firmer… I was 14 when I had my first Tromatic experience, Channel 4 were running Troma flicks [...]

Horsemen of the Apocalypse is a fruit bowl of a movie. You will enjoy some of it, you will hate some of it, you will be massively indifferent to some of it, but essentially you’ll forget it almost instantly as you’ve seen it a thousand times before. Detective Aidan Breslin (Dennis Quaid), expert in dental [...]

There’s nothing quite so disappointing as keeping your eye on an up-and-coming release because it looks like it’s ticking all the right boxes, only to find that it’s DOA. I’d been hearing good things about The House of the Devil, that it was going to be the kind of slow-burning psychological horror I enjoy, with [...]

Call of the Hunter is bloody good fun. Despite it’s low budget feel, it is well acted, expertly paced and slyly scripted. It is a compelling and amusing British comedy-horror. A film crew set out to make a documentary about the legend of Herne the Hunter, a mythical huntsman who haunts Herongate Woods. Sceptical and [...]

Whatever you say about Clive Barker, you can’t argue that he hasn’t had a profound effect upon horror. You’re unlikely to find someone who doesn’t recognise the pointy head of the sadistic Pinhead, and no self-respecting slasher fan would be caught dead without having seen Candyman. Hell, even legendary horror author Stephen King hailed Barker [...]

When an old friend dies in a car accident, Harris (Dominic Purcell) returns to his hometown to attend the funeral. Getting together with two of his old buddies, Sid and Kira, they end up at the cemetery that night, to say their own private goodbyes. When Sid finds a mysterious letter on a tombstone, he [...]

Jennifer’s Body is well written and funny, but the lack of blood, tension, scares and menace will leave most horror audiences cold. It is an enjoyable romp without any real nastiness, a good time which says nothing interesting and does nothing amazing but certainly leaves a broad smile. It is a bouncy castle of a [...]

Arthur Kriticos (Tony Shalhoub) is a little down on his luck. After losing his wife and most of his possessions in a devastating house fire, he finds himself in dire financial straits until a creepy lawyer shows up with a message from Arthur’s late uncle, Cyrus (F. Murray Abraham). It appears that Arthur is the [...]

Wrong Turn isn’t exactly a big business franchise but it must have made a decent enough imprint on someone’s wallet for them to bust out a further adventure of the mutant killer hillbillies. The first was a fairly low key success, the second was a gore-hound’s wet dream and a whole lot of fun. When [...]

Breathing Room opens with a naked woman being thrown into a large, barren warehouse filled only with thirteen other people, all wearing numbered, prison-type uniforms and collars designed to perform lethal electrocutions if they step out of line. We soon learn that the woman’s name is Tonya May and she is the final contestant in [...]

I can’t recall a time when I didn’t adore zombie movies. In my mind, there is no better way to spend an evening than to kick back with a few beers, some mates in tow, and watch a flick in which a few people do battle with marauding hordes of the undead. They contain two [...]

If anyone can even come close to Roger Corman‘s record for being able to knock out a horror flick on a budget, Charles Band and his Full Moon pictures would certainly have to be considered in the running for the crown, so it’s best to delve into their back catalogue whenever you’re feeling the need [...]

At an upscale New Years Eve party on one of the floors of an otherwise abandoned office block, several self-involved, unlike-able characters each receive a mysterious text message from an unknown source. The message invites them all to a private, far more elite party on another floor of the building but when they arrive, they [...]

So this was co-written by the guy who wrote Se7en. Think about that for a few minutes. I mean it, just take a moment or two to ponder that. Feel free to look again at the cast list and at the cover. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the movie is bad or anything, [...]

An architect (Mervyn Johns) is invited to a country estate and from the very moment that his car pulls up outside he is stricken with a sense of impending dread. This premonitory feeling only deepens once he is inside and meets the guests, for though they are complete strangers to him he can’t help but [...]

Using such strong source material as Robert Louis Stephenson’s famed novel Jekyll And Hyde and building upon it should make it nearly impossible to produce a bad film, but that’s exactly what Nick Stillwell has done. It would be very easy to write 2006’s Jekyll + Hyde off as nothing more than style over substance [...]

The Thing is a masterpiece. It sits amongst the horror classics of the early 80s, standing tall alongside The Evil Dead, A Nightmare on Elm Street, An American Werewolf in London and Day of The Dead. It is a film that is still excellent today, barely dated, and is as shocking, terrifying and compelling now [...]