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If yesterday was Landis Day, and what a day it was, then today was David Hess Day, which was just as exciting. David Hess is an absolute legend, and he didn’t disappoint at all.

Today was LANDIS DAY and you’d better believe that it was awesome, as expected. I got about four hours sleep and felt rougher than a rabid dog all day, but it wasn’t enough to dampen my excitement

Lemora: A Child’s Tale of the Supernatural is one of the most sadly overlooked vampire films of the 70′s. Perhaps it got lost because it was just very low budget or perhaps it’s because even using the word “vampire” somewhat does it a disservice, being a vampire flick on the surface only and probably a [...]

And so it begins. I landed at the pub at about 4:30pm and hooked up with some forum folk and a few twitter types; excitement levels were visibly high, not least from me. At around 6pm we made our way over to the Empire to prepare for Triangle.

So it is the morning of FrightFest and before I stick on my glad rags for the opening night’s festivities I thought I would talk a little bit about the six movies I am most excited about.

Chickenhawk was born in 2004. They recorded three songs in 2005 and released a demo before recording two more songs in 2006: ‘Split with I Breathe Spears’ and ‘With Scissors’ released on Millipede Records. They then recorded 12 songs from April to December 2007 and released their album in 2008 on Sound Devastation Records.

Hush takes a set of very familiar, All-American horror movie values and transplants them smack bang into the middle-of-nowhere, England. It starts out with an argumentative couple; Beth and the ridiculously monikered Zakes; on the verge of relationship breakdown and driving along a section of British motorway, periodically stopping at service stations so Zakes can [...]

It has been sixteen years since cult horror film director Frank Henenlotter last made a feature film. Greatly anticipated by many, finally he has brought us Bad Biology, co-written with legendary rapper R.A. Thorburn. So, was it worth the wait? Well, only if you were waiting for a colourful exploitative bag of charmless nonsense… One [...]

Ex NYPD cop Ben Carson (Kiefer Sutherland) gets a night watchman’s position in a massive burnt out department store (which – shock horror! – used to be a mental asylum). For a place the size of Buckingham Palace and extremely structurally unstable, this unfathomably bizarre job is only made harder by the building’s plethora of [...]

The Broken is more idea than substance, more quiet contemplation than excitement, more a concept than a decent horror film. It is a bold effort but lacks any real punch and will leave many cold and wanting. Gina McVey (Lena Hedley) is having a retirement dinner for her father when a mirror over the mantelpiece [...]

In my role as a bad movie apologist I spend a lot of time talking about Psycho Cop Returns, it is one of my all time favourite bad movies, hell it is probably one of my all time favourite real movies. Directed by Adam Rifkin (under the alias Rif Coogan) who is well known for [...]

How many movies can you think of that paved the way for a genuine Youtube sensation? Not that many, surely. Well the seemingly endless amount of Garbage Day spoofs, skits and remixes just go to prove that this flick made a massive impact on people, for all the wrong reasons. There are tonnes of other [...]

On initial understanding of the plot, A Perfect Getaway seems startlingly simple and tragically unoriginal, but this thriller / horror truly grips, is exceptionally scripted and very well directed, bringing the best performances out of some actors more recently known for mediocrity at best. Sickeningly loveable newlyweds Cliff and Sydney (Steve Zahn and Milla Jovovich) [...]

Vampire Diary is a British movie that takes the form of a documentary. It centres around an aspiring filmmaker named Holly who has befriended a group of ’weekend vampires’; a gaggle of heavily made up Goths who like to play make believe and pretend that they’re un-dead bloodsuckers whilst exploring the underground club scene. It’s [...]

Back in 1996, Wes Craven single-handedly resurrected the teen slasher craze with his seminal movie Scream. After that, the movie going public were subjected to a massive influx of flicks claiming to be just as hip and pop culture savvy. Urban Legend doesn’t quite reach the same pinnacle of horror movie success as Scream but [...]

Casey Beldon is being haunted, this is clear. Only when some of these nightly horrors start seeping in her reality does she realise something incredibly dangerous is coming for her, and nothing will stand in its way. Nothing but an ancient book, some shameless Exorcist plagiarism and the arrival of some people who can actually [...]

It’s Halloween night and a bunch of hormone-driven teenage boys set out to deviate away from the usual High School dance and instead take their dates to an abandoned house in the middle of nowhere in an effort to secure themselves some nookie. Quite how they proposed to do that is never made clear, I [...]

“You’ll never guess what Esther’s secret is”. This is Orphan’s tagline, and it’s certainly true. Esther herself is brilliant – a very disturbed and disturbing young girl – but the film itself is a disgusting cliché and horribly disappointing. Esther is a nine year old orphan, adopted by troubled couple Kate and John Coleman, and [...]

Doghouse is fun, a lot of fun, but do not expect a cerebral challenge or anything close to sensible… expect instead carnage, stupidity and a great 85 minutes of mad entertainment. Vince (Stephen Graham) is getting a divorce and his friends want to help him forget all about it. With partying in mind, Mikey (Noel [...]

The title is better than the film. It smacks of such hilarious, shameless stupidity that you’re automatically endeared to the possibility of the amusing and audacious mayhem the name evokes. Tragically the film is simply boring, and could have been made better by a group of high school geeks with two camcorders, a locker room [...]

Shot for shot remakes are an unusual beast, why would anybody want to see the exact same film again? Gus Van Sant showed us that this can rip the shine from even the most classic of movies, but out of an almost arrogant defiance, Michael Haneke went and did it anyway. Remaking your own movie [...]

What was the last really good psychological body horror you saw? The Fly, right? At the very least, it was probably directed by David Cronenberg. This movie isn’t directed by that particular legend, but by the eyes behind The Exorcist, William Friedkin. It is, however, equally as taut, intense and gripping as any list-topping horror [...]

Directed by, written by, produced by and starring David Arquette. Words that may send shudders down the back of anyone who’s seen Eight Legged Freaks, any of the Screams or the Godawful TV series In Case of Emergency. The plot also yells of mediocrity – a group of hippy twenty-somethings travel to a free love [...]

The opening scenes might be more WTF than WOW, although it quickly becomes clear that this is just another run-of-the-mill drive-in move, rushed to theatres to capitalise on the success of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The title is tacked on purely as a marketing device to reel in the fans of that classic. I don’t [...]

Directed by Paddy Breathnach and starring Arielle Kebbel, Red Mist focuses on a group of medical students who are systematically eliminated by a comatose co-worker. A bit like a modern day Patrick. It is currently available at all good DVD retailers . Back in May, I had a chat with writer, Spence Wright, to pick [...]