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Review - Digging Up the Marrow

Adam Green, one of horror’s most hardworking men, with a constant output of features and a TV show, returns to the silver screen, this time tackling the well-threaded faux-realism sub-genre with Digging Up The Marrow. Presented as a finished documentary, the film blurs the line between fact and fiction, using reality as the perfect gateway [...]

Feature - 2014 – A Eulogy

As 2014 enters its death throes, we use the opportunity to look back with nostalgia – not to mention a little nausea – at the state of the year. As with every year, it’s had its highs – we landed a space probe on a comet – and lows – ISIS, Ebola, continued evidence of [...]

Review - Tusk

When Kevin Smith, purveyor of dick and fart jokes, announced his first foray into horror, fans were understandably aghast – what does this overgrown man-child know about our beloved genre? As it turned out, a hell of a lot, Red State proving to be a smart, slow-burning and ultimately very frightening exercise in narrative tension, [...]

Review - Zombeavers

Zombeavers is a horror comedy in which a trio of female college students head to a remote riverside cabin for the weekend to get away from their significant others/have a girl’s weekend. Predictably, the boys show up, and the weekend turns into one of drinking, debauchery and a whole lot of talking about feelings. Things [...]

Review - Horns

Horns is based on a novel written by Joe Hill (better known as Stephen King‘s son. How’s about that for big shoes to fill?). Having heard great things about the source material I was optimistic about this adaptation and as I’m unable to count myself as a Harry Potter fan, I had no real preconceptions [...]