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Videos - Horror’s 10 Most...

Sadly, as much as I love horror and wish I could fill each and every day with it, my work for Gorepress is merely moonlighting – my actual, real-life, normal-person job is to produce video content for miDrive, a UK-based company who have created a mobile app that helps learner drivers out by providing them [...]

Review - Exists

15 years ago, along with co-director Daniel Myrick, Eduardo Sanchez reinvented the ‘found footage’ movement with his seminal, freshman effort The Blair Witch Project. More than a decade later and he’s returned to his roots with Exists. Exists is about a couple of brothers who take a trip to their Uncle’s remote woodland cabin with [...]

Review - Wrong Turn 6

What do you do when you make five Wrong Turn films that rapidly decrease in quality in each outing? If your name’s Valeri Milev, you make a sixth. Not so luckily for us, this is the worst instalment yet. There is only so far you can go with this franchise, or so writer Frank H. [...]

Review - The Babadook

Heralded as the new voice of horror by the likes of Kim Newman et al, this Aussie chiller boasts one of the creepiest trailers of the past year, and a villain that could be this generation’s Freddy Krueger. Almost universally praised, and after shocking audiences at Frightfest, finally, it’s getting a well-deserved release. With the [...]

Review - Annabelle

Following the worldwide success of last year’s rather good The Conjuring, creepy doll Annabelle – who you may remember currently resides in Ed and Lorraine Warren’s Room Of Creepy Things – gets her own outing because, clearly, someone thinks she’s a hell of a lot scarier than she actually is. To be fair, Annabelle is [...]