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Review - The Battery

Low budget zombie movies; not exactly uncommon to see, and rarely do they say or do anything different. Have you had enough of generic, carbon-copy zombie films that take zero risks and feel fantastically familiar? Then perhaps The Battery is for you. The Battery is a different take on the zombie film. Very different. Barely [...]

Review - Grand Piano

Grand Piano is a loving throwback to the hey-days of the giallo movie, mixed with a heavy dose of Phone Booth. It doesn’t quite capture the masterful essence of an Argento or Bava creation, but it’s a fun ride with some memorable visuals, a thoroughly contrived plot and provides further proof that Elijah Wood is absolutely [...]

Review - The Sacrament

As someone who openly confesses to having a love/hate relationship with the films of Ti West, I’m perhaps not the best person to review his latest offering The Sacrament. West is a master at creating eminently watchable, interesting characters and popping them into unusual situations but his very deliberate pacing and inability to really nail [...]

Review - Goal of the Dead

George A. Romero has a lot to answer for. Ever since titling his second zombie feature Dawn of the Dead, there has been countless “of the Dead” movies – mostly spawned after the remake exploded onto cinemas in 2004. Unfortunately for every Shaun of the Dead there are dozens of appalling-bad, cheaply made rip off [...]

Review - Red State

Opening with a picket at the funeral of a recently-murdered young gay man, one could be forgiven for assuming Kevin Smith’s Red State is a slight on the much-maligned Westboro Baptist Church. However, about halfway through this disturbingly realistic take on cult mentality in the Deep South, John Goodman’s law enforcement officer informs a colleague, [...]