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As part of Revenge Month here at the Gorecast, the guys made it their mission to provide a comentary track for 1972′s infamous video nasty Last House On The Left. There’s talk of Benny Hill, Terry Wogan and cheesy metal band names. Oh, and we talk about the film sometimes too! So, sit back, watch [...]

While Sarah tries to take her revenge on the flu virus working its way through her system, we take a look at Ruggero Deodato‘s House on the Edge of the Park as part of ongoing quest to get even with Revenge Month. We also talk nostalgia, V/H/S, [REC]3, GrimmFest and more. Contact us here: podcast@gorepress.com [...]

Sarah, Rosie and Phil are joined by their good friend and Gorepress cohort Lee Enfield this week, for Amicus’ portmanteau classic Dr. Terror’s House Of Horrors. Starring a veritable smorgasbord of famous faces, listen as we affectionately tear this 1965 anthology of awesomeness a new one! As always, send feedback to podcast@goreress.com and come and [...]

It’s week two of Revenge Month and things are getting messy. Like here, with our discussion of NY exploitationer; Abel Ferrera’s Ms .45. Listen with terror as we examine subtext and symbolism of this rape revenge classic. Also included is some chatter about FrightFest movies including Nightbreed: The Cabal Cut (again!), [REC3], and V/H/S! Get [...]

Welcome to the Gorepress Gorementary for 1986′s genre mash House. Also known as ‘The Podcast That Makes Us Sound Like Amateurs’. Listen this week as Sarah, Rosie and Phil forget that House is a comedy, drink disgusting alcohol from tiny teacups and fail to reach a compromise regarding the overall score! There’s still a bunch [...]

Sharpen those cock-ripping knives, ladies, because it’s Revenge Month here at the Gorecast. Kicking off with an in depth review of video nasty classic, I Spit On Your Grave. Join Jamie and Sarah as they examine the rape revenge progeny up close and personal. We also take a look at some movie news, as well [...]

So Trash Kings is over, and we bid farewell to the halcyon days of boobs, gore, and no budget with our discussion of the 80s B movie boom. Arriving just in time to coincide with this was the documentary, Screaming in High Heels: The Rise and Fall of the Scream Queen Era. We review that, [...]

As part of the Gorecasts Trash Kings Month, Sarah, Rosie and Phil decided to point their cynical, drunken aim squarely at David DeCoteau‘s Sorority Babes In The Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama (aka The Imp). Bet you can’t say that when you’re drunk! But, can we? That’s the pressing question. Not only is Rosie back to full health/volume, [...]

The last director in our Trash Kings month is Jim Wynorski, and a review of his bots-gone-wild flick, Chopping Mall. Expect the usual banter about his predilection for working with ladies of dubious morality, his pun titles that put Jamie to shame, and exactly what we thought of his Killbots. The swag competition is still [...]

Joining Sarah, Rosie and Phil for this week’s Gorementary extravaganza is games reviewer Nicola! We decided to take that idea and run with it, reviewing game adaptation Alone In The Dark. As usual, we tackle the important issues such as the realities of Tara Reid being a realistic archaeologist, making uninvited sexual advances to a [...]

It’s week 2 of our Trash Kings month, and that can only mean one thing; It’s time for Jamie and Sarah to tackle the colossus that is Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers. The cult favourite is given the full Gorecast treatment with the obligatory meandering review, divisive opinion, and a detailed look at director Fred Olen Ray. [...]

For the latest Gorementary, Sarah, Rosie and Phil take on 2004′s Creep with a small dose of trepidation and a heavy serving of booze. In this episode we chat about Christopher Smith‘s back catalogue, the logistics of falling asleep at a Tube station, and just how much we’d all like a dog called Oracle McWoofington. [...]

There are few things that Jamie loves more in the world than coming home after a hard day slashing, and whacking in a sleazy, cheesy, low-budget, 90s flick. This is what he had in mind when he chose this months Trash Kings theme. First up on the docket is 80s Alien rip-off/time-capsule, Creepozoids. Directed by [...]

It’s that time of the month again; the magical time where we examine the themes of the month’s movies and tie everything together with a Top 5 list. This month listen and enjoy as Jamie continues rearranging his list until the very last second, and Sarah continues apologising for hers. As usual, you’ve got all [...]

After a short delay (sorry!), we’re back with our muchly anticipated review of 1985′s classic yoghurt-horror The Stuff, for the final flick in our Melt Month Extravaganza! We pad out the episode in the usual fashion, this week’s focus is writer/director/producer, Larry Cohen. He of such stellar output as Phone Booth, It’s Alive, and It’s [...]

Hey folks! In place of this weeks regularly scheduled Gorecast we’ve got a treat for your ears in store; our commentary for 1987′s The Gate. Listen as we discuss such important topics as where Rosie knows Stephen Dorff from, why horror movies with child protagonists were such a thing of the 80′s, the discovery of [...]

Welcome to the 3rd of our new format commentaries! Since it’s Melt Month here at Gorecast Towers we decided to follow melty suit and join in the fun with a Gorementary track for 1987′s hobo-tastic Street Trash. Not only that but we foolishly decided to turn the whole exercise into a drinking game. Not our [...]

Remember when we were all excited about the wonderful prospect of Melt Month? I think this movie might have killed any traces of that dead with it’s utter boringosity. Listen with horror as we represent lethargy incarnate with our review of 1977 snooze factory, The Incredible Melting Man. We manage to liven things up with [...]

Welcome, goo-fans! It’s that most wonderful time of the year: Melt Month! A time when a fresh covering of slime covers the grass, when someone not-so-jolly slides his way down your chimney, and the gift of green ooze is shared by all. I know that it is summer, but screw it. We want slime Christmas [...]

This week we finally break out of our tiny cell! But before we peel back that Raquel Welch poster we take some time to bring you all the latest releases, some news, and what we have been watching this month. As usual, we break down the months theme and discuss it’s pros and cons and [...]

Back once again, with the final look into prison life featuring Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky. A film that we tenuously included in the horror genre because of the gore quotient included. We’ll be spending a week in the hole for that little indiscretion… We also take a bit of time to talk about the [...]

After yet another slight delay, we’re back with another exciting installment of Gorecast: Cell Block H. This week, we take a look at lacklustre trilogy filler, Beyond Re-Animator. Along with a loving glance at the career of jobbing horrormeister, Jeffrey Combs. As always, cakes with nail files baked into them to podcast@gorepress.com, and don’t forget [...]

For our second episode of the New Gorepress Gorementary, we decided to lend our considerable vocal talents to the mauling of 1983′s Sleepaway Camp. So, pack an overnight bag, get on your short shorts and listen as we take a trip back to the 80′s, rip off MST3K some more and give our opinions on [...]

So, last week your usual host Dangerous Jamie moved house and thus had no internet. After literally minutes of heated debate and thoughtful consideration, a new format podcast was formed! So, instead of the Gorepress Gorecast, Sarah branched out on her own and roped in two equally knowledgeable (make of that what you will) film [...]

Welcome to Horror Behind Bars month, kid. It’s time to ration your smokes and sharpen your shiv as we spend the next few weeks looking at what sort of things can go wrong in the big house. First on the docket is 1988′s Prison. Produced by Charles Band and directed by Renny Harlin, you would [...]