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With the Radio Gorepress train firmly back on tracks for the millionth time, Sarah and Phil use the opportunity to catch up with anything and everything they’ve been watching and doing since their last podcast at the end of 2014, as well as everything they’re looking forward to, including chatting about The Conjuring 2 and [...]

With the Radio Gorepress train firmly back on track, episode 13 of our little podcast has finally arrived…and what better film to choose to mark this infamous number than 2012′s witchy The Lords of Salem? Join us as we talk about our favourite occult films of recent years, lament the downfall of Dario Argento, and [...]

It’s been a while since Phil & Sarah affected their best radio voices and waxed lyrical on the subject of movies, for a variety of reasons that we won’t bore you with here. Itching to get back into our podcasting seats though, we’re back with Episode 12, reviewing 1987′s classic Joel Schumacher‘s The Lost Boys! [...]

Hot on the heels of their Freak show, Sarah & Phil veer into Brit-horror-comedy territory with the wonderfully macabre Sightseers. Taking time to really delve into Ben Wheatley’s superb caravan-of-death opus, they stop along the way to provide a mini review for new release Willow Creek, which explores similar ‘couple on camping holiday’ themes. Tenuous, [...]

For their tenth episode, Sarah and Phil direct their gaze towards a Gorepress favourite, in the form of Tod Browning’s 1932 masterpiece of terror Freaks. Once they get over the fact that the film is a massive 82 years old this year, they pick apart the sensitive issue of using real circus performers and give [...]

This time around, Phil and Sarah take the Gorepress train to South Korea to chat about the hugely successful monster flick The Host. They muster through hayfever, the misunderstanding of dubstep, and general confusion to pick apart the socio-political commentary and get critical of the CGI effects. No Gorepress show would be complete without a [...]

After another brief hiatus, Phil and Sarah are back with a stonker of a show focused on found footage horror. They spend the first half getting some mileage out of the uber popular, and some would say done-to-death sub-genre, focusing on five honourable mentions, and their personal favourites! The second half of the show is [...]

In the 7th episode of Radio Gorepress, Sarah & Phil take a look at the film that sparked the cinematic love affair between Stuart Gordon and Jeffrey Combs and remains the most accessible H.P. Lovecraft adaptation to date; Re-animator. Before that though, they discuss some of the more pertinent developments in the World of horror [...]

After Drag Me To Hell we decided to hop into the Gorepress time machine and whizz back to the 80′s for a slice of comedic vampiric action with bite. No, not The Lost Boys, but it’s funnier, hammier cousin Fright Night. We also spend some time talking about 5 of our favourite vampire movies, as [...]

After another brief illness-induced hiatus, Phil & Sarah are back with another episode of Radio Gorepress. This episode focuses some chatter on what we’ve watched lately, as well as things that have interested us in the World of horror in the past few weeks. We spend some time waffling about Pacific Rim, Tucker & Dale [...]

After a few weeks out of commission, we’re back with the long promised Behind The Mask : The Rise Of Leslie Vernon show. Not only do we chat at length about this cult gem, we also wax lyrical on some of our favourite meta/self aware horror movies, including Scream and Cabin In The Woods (again). [...]

Completely disregarding last week’s decision to take a look at Behind the Mask: the Rise of Leslie Vernon, in honour of Women in Horror Month 2014, this week Sarah and Phil cast their eyes over 2000′s Ginger Snaps, talking about werewolves, their favourite women-centric horror movies and how awesome practical effects are along the way. [...]

Fresh from our enthusiastic review of 90′s body-horror-comedy Freaked, we decided to raid the archives for the something a little more scary and came up with everyone’s favourite haunted hoax The Amityville Horror. Listen as we blather on about a honey covered Rod Steiger, verbally shit all over the remake and launch into the theme [...]

The Gorepress Gorecast is dead! Long live the Gorepress Gorecast! Not ones to be discouraged by the death of a former podcast however, your intrepid heroes Sarah and Phil battle on in hopes of regaining your trust and loyal ears! Thus, Radio Gorepress is here to entertain, inform and help expand your canon of versatile [...]

Following their leave of absence, Sarah and Phil are back with a vengeance – with two vengeances no less – to cast their collective gaze over James Gunn’s homage to all things body-horror, Slither! Nodding its tentacle-bedecked head at films from Night of the Creeps to A Nightmare on Elm Street, does it manage to [...]

In the 62nd episode of The Gorepress Gorecast, Sarah and Phil – along with guest presenter Ben – discuss 2011’s indie flick, Absentia. Taking its cue from The Three Billy Goats Gruff, of all things, it deals with a rather different interpretation of the troll under the bridge…but what did they think of it? Tune [...]

In this 61st episode of The Gorepress Gorecast, your fearless hosts sink pointed, rabid teeth into a frank discussion of Neil Jordan’s lycanthropic cautionary tale The Company Of Wolves. Did they love it or loathe it? Did it leave a lasting impression heralded by a full-moon-inspired change? Can the lead actress really be only twelve?! [...]

In the 60th episode of the Gorecast, Phil and Sarah treat you to a detailed discussion of Pascal Laugier‘s The Tall Man. Did they love it or loathe it? Did Jessica Biel’s perma-sullen face become too annoying? Do they get increasingly frustrated at the total absence of Angus Scrimm? Is it even a horror film? [...]

Hey intrepid podcast fans, this week Phil and Sarah discuss not one, but two films in Episode 59. Taking time to discuss 2009′s The Hole in depth, they also shift focus to a worthy companion piece in the form of 1987′s The Gate. Along the way, they also have a chat about Nick Broomfield, A [...]

Things have changed here at Gorecast Headquarters. Dangerous Jamie has retired his microphone leaving hosting duties to the mostly willing Sarah B DeMented. Putting her nerves aside and roping in Phil from the Gorepress Gorementaries to be her co-pilot on this maiden voyage, the two point their collective attention towards post apocalyptic indie gem The [...]

Sarah, Phil and Ben leave their fate in the proverbial hands of an online answer generator that chooses a film for them to view and review, in this very first episode of a brand new Gorecast spin-off show. This time the hands of fate land on not-so-spooky Cloris Leachman/Tara Reid vehicle The Fields. Will they [...]

After getting our hot air balloon caught on a pylon, we’re finally in India. A few days later than scheduled but hey, at least we made it! This week’s slice off of the World of Horror comes from The Ramsay Brothers, Bollywood’s first family of horror. Purana Mandir was made in 1984 and terrified an entire [...]

After spending much time battling SkyNet over two different providers, we’re back. Sure we’re bloody and the T1000 killed loads of teenage boys, but we’re back to bring you more horror movie waffle. This was meant to be an apology for not getting the episode to you last week. It sort of works, right? Anyway, [...]

After yet another hiatus, join Dangerous Jamie and Exasperated Sarah for the triumphant return of the Gorepress Gorecast as we pick up where we left off at Female Directors Month as part of our Women In Horror Recognition Month coverage. Sure, WIH Month is long gone but the spirit lives on in all of us. [...]

Hungry for another Gorementary? We thought so. This time around, still focusing on female driven horror for Women In Horror Recognition Month, the Gorementary crew have opted for a nostalgic trip back to their teens for a riff of 1997′s The Craft. Will it hold up to rose tinted memories, or will it turn out [...]