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Little Deaths is billed as an anthology film, comprising of three stories, all exploring the intrinsically linked themes of sex and death. The title itself, from the French slang term for orgasm ‘la petite mort’, is perhaps the cleverest and most interesting thing about this depressing and amateurish affair, however. Unlike traditional anthology films, Little [...]

The classic story of a delusional, maybe-psychopath, best captured in American Psycho, is given a sort of British re-telling in this stylish, disturbing and very entertaining study, of a man addicted to drinking, smoking, fucking and, er, killing. Antihero David Pettigrew is a disillusioned sales agent, who is hopelessly in love with his happily married [...]

For most normal people, the idea of hanging from large hooks, embedded into their skin, doesn’t even bear thinking about, but for filmmaker Kate Shenton, the world of suspension, and those who inhabit it, is the perfect premise for a documentary – just don’t expect to learn anything about the practice, or the enthusiasts, or [...]

Orc Wars is one man’s (Kohl Glass to be exact) desire to make a Lord of the Rings style film, on a shoestring budget, with a simple twist: guns. In this endeavour, he is an unmitigated failure. What is presented to us is 100 minutes of terrible storytelling, matched only by the casting. Not 5 [...]

For horror fanatics, Halloween is more than just a holiday. It’s the one night a year that is truly ours, when we can celebrate everything that’s weird, wonderful and dark, out in the open, without fear of reproach from those who don’t normally get the attraction. Most have felt a certain affinity for Halloween since [...]

Sodium Party is the feature debut of Irish filmmaker Micahel McCudden. Written after the birth of his daughter with a view to sharing his unique vision of the world with her, it marries a bleak outlook with eldritch melodrama to create a captivating non-linear thriller. It shot in 2010, so may not be entirely appropriate [...]

Álex Ulloa (Hugo Silva) is having an affair with one of his students. Foolishly falling in love, he’s secretly pleased when his wife Mayka (Belén Rueda) dies of a heart after returning from a trip abroad. Pleased… or responsible? This question arises when Mayka’s body goes missing from the morgue and – however it disappeared [...]

Boo! Chomp! The Ghost Shark is coming to get us and he is PISSED! If there was ever any doubt that the latest project, from the mad scientists over at SyFy, featured the recently-reincarnated spirit of a viciously murdered Great White, hell-bent on revenge, on the town who wronged him, then worry not, because the [...]

In 2010 I Spit on Your Grave, the remake of the 1978 classic movie of the same name was released to high praise. It took rape and revenge to the next level, with a highly graphic and visceral rape scene, matched only in grim, stomach churning detail by the brutal revenge murders that followed. Now, [...]

Russia. World War II. A group of Russian soldiers respond to a distress call near a small, abandoned church. Taking their (surprisingly high-tech) video-camera along, the small squad head into the church expecting enemy resistance, but find a bizarre experimental laboratory with a strange woman strapped to wires and pistons. The group quickly realize something [...]

On the back of the huge success of Max Brooks’ cult classic novel of the same name, World War Z chronicles the initial events of the Zombie War, but takes the different stance of making it a personal tale intercut with mass global disaster scenes. This was seen by many as a risky move. Marc [...]

When Tommy Cowley (Aneurin Barnard) witnesses his wife being attacked by three hooded youths, he’s horrified to discover a syringe jabbed into her pregnant belly. This seemingly-random attack leaves him as a single dad with crippling agoraphobia, left looking after his daughter in a dilapidated housing estate long-set for ‘regeneration’. Due to move out of [...]

Following the disheartening, yet predictable, mainstream success of the incredibly derivative Insidious, along with this year’s far more accomplished The Conjuring, James Wan returns with yet another ghost story, about a haunted house, a tortured family, and not much else. The events of Insidious: Chapter 2, to give it its full name (surely that title [...]

Reunions are always difficult. When Sarah (Kate Bosworth) invites two of her bickering friends for a long-needed intervention on Black Rock island, she hopes their differences will be resolved and the trio will return to their old – happier – friendships. Unfortunately they’re not alone on Black Rock and the women run into a trio [...]

Eli Roth divides fans. Some people laud him as a horror icon whose work has made waves through the genre, whilst some view him as an upstart punk who’s dragged horror back to the 80’s. Whatever the case, he isn’t going away, having befriended Tarantino and become a self-styled writer, director, producer and actor with [...]

Bag of Bones (or Stephen King’s Bag of Bones, because he OWNS IT) is a 2011 TV miniseries which has only just reached the UK on DVD & Blu Ray. Based on Stephen King’s 1998 book “Stephen King’s Bag of Bones”, this 157 minute bloated film is a decent, haunting, well-made two-part series that is [...]

It begins with two naked lesbians fucking on a bed. Then, after some truly bizarre pillow talk about shame and lights, a machete-wielding maniac bursts in, chops off their fingers and flees… up a hill, where he gets naked, empties a sack of severed human fingers onto the grass and then buries his face in [...]

Ryan Reynolds continues his quest to undermine the stability of comic book movies in this adaptation of Peter M. Lenkov’s 2001 Dark Horse Comics release. Despite being a fairly forgettable jaunt into cod occultism and action movie cliches, someone clearly thought that this warranted the sort of care and attention reserved for first tier Marvel [...]

Simon Killer is a disarming, involving exploration of a young man’s increasingly off-kilter psyche. It’s a quiet, thoughtful film and while it’s interesting enough, ultimately it doesn’t go anywhere and winds up raising more questions than it answers. On the back of a failed relationship, Simon retreats to Paris, France in order to collect his [...]

With a title like Sharknado, we know right off the bat not to expect Jaws, or even Deep Blue Sea. In fact, the only thing that is expected of a film such as this is that its tongue is held firmly in its cheek, with all notion of reality thrown completely out the window in [...]

VHS tapes. Remember them? Before Blu-Ray and DVD, with their crystal clear hi-def image and surround sound, VHS was the savour of the film fanatic. Even with its poor video quality that made things look slightly out of focus and its tendency to have its innards ripped out and munched on by the very players [...]

The trouble with Stranded is that it is not a good film. Nor is it a truly terrible one. Instead, it possesses elements of both but the allure of neither, leaving it (appropriately, but disappointingly) stranded somewhere in the middle. The crew consists of exasperated voice of reason Col. Gerald Brauchman (Slater), brooding Dr Lance [...]

‘Trashy’. ‘Cheesy’. ‘Clichéd’. Chillerama has not been given an easy ride by reviewers. And maybe they’re right to jump to these conclusions – but Chillerama wasn’t made to win any prizes or to impress with beautiful cinematography or great acting. This project was made for the simplest of reasons: four film nerds coming together to [...]

Accountant Ken has an unwelcome guest living in his lower intestine, a demon manifested of his repressed ill-will to the world. Named Milo. When people in Ken’s life start showing up brutally slain, supposedly by a rabid raccoon, he teams up with his psychiatrist (Peter Stormare using all of the grim intensity in his arsenal) [...]

You’re Next, while not necessarily startlingly original, does what most horror films these days fail to do; it entertains, it provides characters to invest in, adds in some genuinely funny dialogue and actually spins a few conventions on their heads in the process. No mean feat. The basic premise is much like any other home [...]