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Snuff. Apart from an older generation (and fans of period dramas) to whom the word may conjure images of powdered tobacco being snorted from ornate tin boxes, for the rest of us, especially the cine-literate, the word is associated with death, in particular the (alleged) real on-screen murder of another human being for the purpose [...]

The final day is upon us, and I am somewhat rested after getting the closest thing to a full nights sleep I’ve seen all weekend. It was a shame to have missed Black, but sod it, sleep wins.

Its day four in the big horror house, and I am starting to look like an extra from La Horde. I’ve been flagging for a few days but Jesus, this is looking ropey. I swear I won’t fall asleep during any more movies.

If yesterday was Landis Day, and what a day it was, then today was David Hess Day, which was just as exciting. David Hess is an absolute legend, and he didn’t disappoint at all.

Today was LANDIS DAY and you’d better believe that it was awesome, as expected. I got about four hours sleep and felt rougher than a rabid dog all day, but it wasn’t enough to dampen my excitement

And so it begins. I landed at the pub at about 4:30pm and hooked up with some forum folk and a few twitter types; excitement levels were visibly high, not least from me. At around 6pm we made our way over to the Empire to prepare for Triangle.

So it is the morning of FrightFest and before I stick on my glad rags for the opening night’s festivities I thought I would talk a little bit about the six movies I am most excited about.