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Finally hear Jamie and Sarah discuss films together! You know you’ve been waiting for it…
In our first ever foray into podcasting we manage to get everything wrong, the sound is a bit crappy and we swear far too much. But we had fun, and that’s what counts.

So, Sarah and Jamie are back with a second episode! And here it is, warts and all.
We review Brian Yuzna’s Faust: Love Of The Damned and Fraser C. Heston’s Needful Things, as well as the usual discussions on what we have been watching, upcoming releases and whether you would kill a dog for a Teddy Ruxpin.

Here in this third episode of the Gorepress Gorecast, we debate Asian horror with reviews of Hong Kong’s The Eye and South Korea’s Hansel & Gretel, with lashings of awful pronunciation. Taking in sights on the the orient express, and occasionally stopping off to discuss Lake Mungo, Twin Peaks, Nicolas Cage, private jokes (that weren’t [...]

This show we look at two tales of vengeance in America’s south. The slightly artsy White Lightnin’ and the genre classic Two Thousand Maniacs.
Hear as Jamie waxes vitriolic over one of the genre’s most loved movies an hear Sarah lavish praise on English up-and-comer Edward Hogg.

In this, our latest podcast, we take an in depth look at the giallo classic Tenebrae and the craptacular Giallo. Both directed by former genius of Italian cinema, Dario Argento. We also chat about House Of The Devil (again), Macauley Culkin, style over substance, who is the actual podcast sidekick, among other bullshit. Feedback, text [...]

Welcome to the technical issue cast, with Jamie & Sarah. We’re slowly getting better at this podcast lark, but we’re hitting plenty of speed bumps on the way… In this show, Sarah and Jamie chat about two zombie comedies from across the globe with Night of the Living Dorks and Tokyo Zombie. They also discuss [...]

Centurion is Brit-director Neil Marshall’s fourth film and, like the once brilliant M. Night Shyamalan, his recent works have failed to impress as much as his first two films. Centurion is a decent film, which fails on a number of levels, but luckily the tightly-written dialogue, some ace cinematography and the excellent acting throughout saves [...]

Wooo! Welcome to our special Halloween episode! We’ve been away for a while, but we’re back with this very special episode of the Gorepress Gorecast just for you, dear listeners! We’re joined by Gorepress’s design king, Matt, to discuss zom-com classic Return of the Living Dead. Listen to us get progressively more drunk as we [...]

Dead Roots Issue 1 is out now! Dead what? Dead Roots is a bumper-sized zombie comic anthology that is published quarterly through Apple’s NewsStand App (With a Kindle version currently in development). Based during the initial outbreak of a zombie plague in Britain (and the rest of the world, but mostly Britain), the anthology focuses [...]

Week two of Homegrown Horror month takes us to XTRO, the notorious sci-fi horror with a streak of sick through the middle. Will Jamie and Sarah give it the respect it deserves? Who is that third voice in the background? Why it’s Rosie, of course. Rosie joins us to talk XTRO and mock Sarah. We [...]

After a harrowing weekend of horrors trapped inside an abandoned movie theatre in the desolate Manchester City Centre, only this recording remained. (Well, this one and next weeks recording too…) What happened on that fateful weekend that shook Manchester to its very core? Basically, some people watched some films, met some celebs and drank too [...]

Developer: IllFonic Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows Once again, guest reviewer Neil Sheppard joins us! You know those drunken video game discussions you have down the pub? The ones where you and your friends design the ultimate game in your heads and bemoan the fact that real video game designers could never compare to [...]

The Stephen King novella Gerald’s Game is not so much a story as an exercise in literary mastery by the greatest writer of our time. King takes what is essentially an urban legend-style joke and makes the punchline existential dread. What really makes you gasp in awe about Gerald’s Game, however, is that almost the [...]

After a rather lengthy absence, the Gorementary crew are back with their not-so-unique brand of witty observational commentary, this time for a rather tardy addition to New French Extremity Month, in the form of Alexandre Aja’s Switchblade Romance. Did we love it? Did we hate it? Did we spend the whole time being vaguely racist [...]

When a bunch of us came together to start Gorepress back in 2009, I think I can speak for everyone when I say we didn’t necessarily expect to still be pumping out horror reviews and content 5 years down the line, or to have grown so exponentially, and it recently came to our attention to that we [...]

In honor of this year’s annual Women in Horror month celebration, there are going to be countless articles published about the errors in the ways the horror genre has represented women over the years. While the injustices of female filmmakers are greatly apparent and consistently topical, the idea of sexism and degrading roles of women [...]

Here we are at the fag end of Women in Horror Recognition Month, Gorepress’ lovely Sarah (can I say that without coming across as creepy please?) asked me to contribute a guest blog to the site on the topic and I have been completely blocked for several weeks. “We don’t like to tell people what [...]

So, we were hoping to have had the second ‘Gorecast’ in the bag right now but due to unforeseen circumstances (involving connection problems and the like) we’ve been unable to record it as yet. Take 2 is happening tomorrow though so keep all your extremities crossed that our shitty luck doesn’t get in the way [...]

In keeping with the terrible locomotive references, we feel it only fitting to tell you that the Gorepress train was ever so slightly derailed last week, but we’re back on the tracks this time with a rather sad, but incredibly fond journey through the films of recently and dearly departed Wes Craven. We take some [...]

Completely disregarding last week’s decision to take a look at Behind the Mask: the Rise of Leslie Vernon, in honour of Women in Horror Month 2014, this week Sarah and Phil cast their eyes over 2000′s Ginger Snaps, talking about werewolves, their favourite women-centric horror movies and how awesome practical effects are along the way. [...]

Joining us this week is guest reviewer, Neil Sheppard! Hollywood cafes are staffed almost entirely with wannabe actors who dream of getting their shot at the big time. A very small percentage of them manage to land one or two lucky parts that earn them the kind of cache it takes to be able to [...]