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Ex Machina is terrifying, but not necessarily in the way that you’d expect from a film being reviewed on a horror site. Its terror is bedded very deeply in our own reality. With the regular technological leaps and bounds and robotics coming along alarmingly quickly, it’s not difficult to believe what Ex Machina is selling. [...]

It was with great trepidation (not to mention, as naïve as it may have been, the littlest bit of anticipation) that I sat down to watch the sequel to 2012′s massively underwhelming The ABCs of Death – the very imaginatively named The ABCs of Death 2. Following the same structure as its predecessor, The ABCs [...]

Gil Kenan is a brave man. Although it boasts about as many scares as Jumanji, the original Poltergeist – a Tobe Hooper/Stephen Spielberg co-project on which the latter’s fingerprints are more obvious – is curiously beloved by genre fans. Remaking it was always going to be an arduous task, regardless of whether the director in [...]

‘Legend’. ‘Icon’. ‘Luminary’. All terms thrown around so casually in today’s world, and seldom do they ever ring true. There are some people however that these special words still so accurately describe. Sir Christopher Lee is one of these people. It is with a heavy heart, that we report that Sir Christopher Lee has passed [...]

Chances are, at this juncture, you’ve already heard of the festival darling, word-of-mouth juggernaut that is It Follows. All I’m really here to tell you is that, to my mind, it lives up the hype and marks its director as one to watch. Jay is a young girl on the verge of leaving her teenage [...]