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Considering its distribution remains in serious doubt, with certain commentators speculating about whether it will even make it to theatres, Frightfest 2014 attendees were lucky to catch Eli Roth’s highly-anticipated cannibal shocker, The Green Inferno, at all. Charting the ill-fated escapades of a group of seemingly well-meaning young activists – “Activism’s so fucking gay” a [...]

The Guest marks another impressive collaboration between Simon Barrett and Adam Wingard, previously responsible for 2010′s somber mumblecore effort A Horrible Way To Die, and 2011′s long delayed entry into the home invasion canon, You’re Next. The Guest shows a pleasing progression for both, firmly pegging them as two of the most knowledgeable and intelligent [...]

It’s pretty rare these days that you come across a found footage film that isn’t ostensibly like viewing a camera with a sprite bottle taped over it shoved up someone’s snotty nose whilst they choke and splutter and say things like, “oh my god oh my god oh my god” and “*gasp* what was that?” [...]

Although the title seems like just a play on words, the phrase “as above, so below” is actually the key to all magic. Or, so we are told by Perdita Weeks’ know-it-all British student – and you’d better believe she’ll utter those words ominously herself before the film is out. Kicking off with a great [...]