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Upon its release, blockbuster box office hit Guardians Of The Galaxy was described by certain genre fans as the most expensive Troma movie ever made. Clearly, they haven’t seen Slither, Guardians writer/director James Gunn’s raucous, gory and hugely enjoyable 2006 creature feature with a heart of gold that, sadly, never quite found the audience it [...]

Scintilla is well acted, well directed, well scored, superbly designed and grimly nihilistic, but much like it’s title, it is also massively confusing. Enjoyable, but only if you prefer your sci-fi horror to be deliberately elusive. Welcome to the future. Or the past. Or an alternate universe. Or now. Whenever we are, we’re following a [...]

It’s like Scream never happened. Varsity Blood is the type of by-the-numbers teen slasher film Kevin Williamson and Wes Craven openly mocked in 1996, but it’s 18 years later and filmmakers still haven’t learned. This non-ironic horror literally ticks off nearly every slasher flick cliché you can imagine. Ready? Let’s go! Halloween. A small American [...]

Much like its predecessor, Sharknado 2: The Second One does exactly what one might expect. The sequel ups the ante considerably, kicking off its ludicrous narrative with an utterly unfathomable, yet ultimately very thrilling, airplane sequence, which involves, among others, Kelly Osbourne, Wil Wheaton, Airplane!’s Robert Hays and a whole load of flying sharks. Although [...]

Happy 21st birthday Luke! Have a drink, go to a strip club and get a lapdance! In the morning you’ll feel like crap… especially because someone’s dumped the dead body of your friend in your bathtub. After removing her eyes, of course. Things get even weirder when Luke (Danny Horn) is sent a video telling [...]