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Cold in July is the fourth feature from writer / director Jim Mickle and writer Nick Damici, having previously brought us Zombie Virus on Mulberry Street, Stake Land and We Are What We Are. Much like their previous work, this is very different from what came before it – this time a dark, dramatic thriller. [...]

This time around, Phil and Sarah take the Gorepress train to South Korea to chat about the hugely successful monster flick The Host. They muster through hayfever, the misunderstanding of dubstep, and general confusion to pick apart the socio-political commentary and get critical of the CGI effects. No Gorepress show would be complete without a [...]

Wandering helplessly in freezing peaks of Norway, Jannicke, the sole survivor of a killing spree by a pickaxe wielding man-mountain, is discovered by a passing motorist, and taken to hospital. Following a swift police investigation, the bodies of her fallen friends are recovered. Sadly for her, and the rest of the hospital’s inhabitants, another body [...]

Chad Crawford Kinkle‘s The Pit (a.k.a. Jug Face) is a truly bleak slice of backwoods American gothic and although it paints a terrifically unfavourable picture of a small cross-section of our Southern American cousins, it’s an interesting and atmospheric take on an old fashioned story. Ada is a pretty teenager who lives within a small [...]

Oculus may sound like a substandard metalcore band from the early-2000s but the word actually refers to a style of design that is round, or eye-like, which somehow feeds into the idea of a musty, old haunted mirror. Adapted from a short by director Mike Flanagan (who also helmed the enjoyable Absentia), the premise is [...]

After another brief hiatus, Phil and Sarah are back with a stonker of a show focused on found footage horror. They spend the first half getting some mileage out of the uber popular, and some would say done-to-death sub-genre, focusing on five honourable mentions, and their personal favourites! The second half of the show is [...]

I had the pleasure of seeing Cheap Thrills at FrightFest 2013 and in the year that’s passed, I haven’t seen a better film. And I watch a lot of films. It’s brave, gut-wrenchingly disgusting, hysterically funny, tightly edited, perfectly acted and the script is one of the best I’ve seen committed to film in a [...]