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The Quiet Ones is the latest offering from the re-booted Hammer Films. It takes place in Oxford, in the mid 70′s, and follows Professor Joseph Coupland (Jared Harris), two of his students (Erin Richards and Rory Fleck-Byrne), an amateur filmmaker that he ropes in (Sam Claflin) and his ‘patient’; Jane Harper (Olivia Cooke). Professor Joseph [...]

Willow Creek is a found footage film… Wait! Come back! Don’t leave just yet! Willow Creek is an EXCELLENT found footage film and definitely worth your attention. This isn’t the Paranormal Blair Witch Activity Rip-Off #5 – this is genuinely very good. Jim (Bryce Johnson) is making a documentary about the mythical Bigfoot and has dragged [...]

Rachel and Kyle Massey (Laurel Vail & Danny Barclay) are having a baby, and a reality television crew has decided to make a new documentary about their experience, intending to follow them throughout the pregnancy all the way to delivery. Early on in the documentary Rachel’s baby ‘dies’ – no heartbeat – but the next [...]

In a world of slithery sharktopuses (sharktopi?), penis-chomping piranha and dam-obliterating zombeavers, Godzilla looks like a grumpy old fart. Following his less-than-impressive outing almost twenty years ago, the big guy was relegated to the bargain bin, and stripped of his title in his home country – the 1998 incarnation is referred to only as Zilla [...]

Without theatre, cinema would be nothing at all – so in my view it’s always important to be thankful for theatre and its legacy. Before the invention of film and television, books and theatre were the only comparable means of storytelling entertainment; and these had worked well for thousands of years. Nowadays, if a play [...]

The Invoking is bad. Really bad. Unwatchable bad. So bad it took me three sittings across two weeks to watch the entire thing. I gave it a fair shot… but it actually deserved to be shot. In the face. Then set on fire and buried in consecrated ground under a full moon. The Invoking is [...]

The Kill Screen is a new graphic novel from the creator of zombie anthology Dead Roots and introduces us to a new apocalypse; not zombies, not vampires, not global warming and not some monkey-borne rage virus. This apocalypse is a computer virus… In the near future Humanity reaches it’s very own kill screen. If anyone [...]

Novice director Jeremy Saulnier’s Blue Ruin, which is also adapted from his self-penned screenplay, seems at first glance to be a standard, run of the mill revenge thriller. Newcomer Macon Blair, Saulnier’s own high school buddy, begins the film sporting a scraggly beard of which Daniel Bryan would be proud, before delivering some Old Testament [...]

In the 7th episode of Radio Gorepress, Sarah & Phil take a look at the film that sparked the cinematic love affair between Stuart Gordon and Jeffrey Combs and remains the most accessible H.P. Lovecraft adaptation to date; Re-animator. Before that though, they discuss some of the more pertinent developments in the World of horror [...]