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Dead Before Dawn 3D is a Canadian horror comedy that has the fun premise and the required enthusiasm of a, potentially, very entertainingly bonkers film, but the ingredients, sadly, just don’t add up to anything approaching the promise. In the very first scene of the movie we learn that Casper; our protagonist, lost his Father [...]

Although it may not seem like the most obvious setting for a cold-blooded murder, writer/director Alain Guiraudie makes a scenic, lakeside cruising spot for gay men the most frightening, claustrophic place imaginable, where everyone is a witness, in his slow-burning, uninhibited and utterly engulfing thriller, Stranger By The Lake. The French subtitles signal the first [...]

Remakes are so ubiquitous at the moment, particularly in horror, that they’re often dismissed as trash long before they’ve hit theatres, while low-budget features barely even get a look in – understandably so, when dross like Carrie is competing against indie flicks that never even get a shot at the box office, who’s going to [...]

Vampires are finally given back their bite (excuse the pun) in this captivating, gorgeous, and utterly irresistible twist on the old tale from hipster director Jim Jarmusch, which pitches odd couple Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton as centuries-old bloodsuckers Adam and Eve, who are struggling to keep their lifelong love alive, as well as themselves, [...]

After Drag Me To Hell we decided to hop into the Gorepress time machine and whizz back to the 80′s for a slice of comedic vampiric action with bite. No, not The Lost Boys, but it’s funnier, hammier cousin Fright Night. We also spend some time talking about 5 of our favourite vampire movies, as [...]

Every now and then, we cineasts need to mix it up a bit. Always watching the same kinds of films from the same genre will inevitably become repetitive. I mean, I love horror (everybody should), but I also enjoy genre and art house films (in my opinion people who enjoy art house films should be [...]

Okay. We hold our hands up. Short horror films are rather underrepresented here at Gorepress. Six years of writing reviews and articles, and there are still only a handful of short films rated here on the site. It’s not a good state of affairs, especially considering how many horror directors, writers and producers start their [...]

The Borderlands is yet another found footage movie. Yes, I know, I could almost hear you groan from here, but before you write it off, the most important thing you need to know about The Borderlands is that it’s a GOOD found footage movie. Showing to rapturous applause at last years FrightFest but having missed [...]

After another brief illness-induced hiatus, Phil & Sarah are back with another episode of Radio Gorepress. This episode focuses some chatter on what we’ve watched lately, as well as things that have interested us in the World of horror in the past few weeks. We spend some time waffling about Pacific Rim, Tucker & Dale [...]