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The Black Water Woods are the place of some horrible murders. Naked women have been found there, dead, with bizarre fang marks on their necks. The police pinned this spate of murders on local lunatic Raymond Banks (Bill Oberst Jr.), but a documentary filmmaker thinks something else might have killed those girls. Something with fangs. [...]

“Travelling back to the dark, brutal past of 13-century England, IRONCLAD: BATTLE FOR BLOOD plunges us headlong into one of the most violent periods in English medieval history – a few good men fought against insurmountable odds to defend their country from bloodthirsty Celtic Tribes. IRONCLAD: BATTLE FOR BLOOD is the continuing story of honour [...]

After a few weeks out of commission, we’re back with the long promised Behind The Mask : The Rise Of Leslie Vernon show. Not only do we chat at length about this cult gem, we also wax lyrical on some of our favourite meta/self aware horror movies, including Scream and Cabin In The Woods (again). [...]

In Fear is startlingly simple in its premise and highly effective in its bare-bones execution. A British made masterclass in tension, In Fear consists of three actors, one car and a buttload of claustrophobic tautness. As far as storylines go, it really doesn’t get any more simple than this; introduced via an answer phone message [...]

The eight-worded, oxymoronically titled The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia is a slow, trudging supernatural story that pans out like a Discovery Channel docu-drama, only with added Sackoff. Even though it is not atrociously made and reasonably well acted, the lack of compelling story and serious lack of scares means there is little [...]

“Only one will win. The School…The House…The Prison…Are Safe. Follow the arrows, or you will die. Stay on the path, or you will die. If you are lapped twice, you will die. Do not touch the grass, or you will die.” That is essentially the plot of 2014’s The Human Race. 80 complete strangers come [...]

Richard Vineyard (Stephen Moyer) is taking his family on a camping vacation, deep into the heart of the Jersey woods. He wants to scatter the ashes of his father in a spot where they used to camp. Clearly unamused by this whole ‘camping’ experience, his family trudge along with him… and quickly realize something is [...]