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Short films are, by their very nature, problematic – communicating a story that’s sufficiently involving and interesting, with believable characters and enough exciting events to hold the attention of an audience is difficult enough when given ninety minutes to do so, let alone fifteen or twenty. When it comes to horror, the idea of doing [...]

Paranormal Xperience is a hugely disappointing film. Beginning superbly, with a great opening, genuinely interesting characters and an intriguing plot, Paranormal Xperience quickly descends into cliché and a bumbles towards a very predictable dénouement. Paranormal Xperience begins with a group of students tied to chairs for a parapsychology experiment, where their professor tries to prove [...]

Completely disregarding last week’s decision to take a look at Behind the Mask: the Rise of Leslie Vernon, in honour of Women in Horror Month 2014, this week Sarah and Phil cast their eyes over 2000′s Ginger Snaps, talking about werewolves, their favourite women-centric horror movies and how awesome practical effects are along the way. [...]

Nothing Left to Fear is very well directed, with superb cinematography, decent character work, decent effects and a beautiful slow build full of tension and intrigue… but unfortunately a complete lack of ‘reason’, a sprinkling of clichés, some overblown CGI and a creaking ending makes Nothing Left to Fear a frustrating watch. When the pastel-shaded [...]

Twenty-something Jannicke is on a boarding vacation in Jotunheimen, along with her friends Eirik, Mikael, Ingunn, and Morten Tobias. Everything is going swimmingly, until Morten Tobias suffers a broken leg on the mountain, forcing them to take shelter in a nearby abandoned hotel. Things are not as they seem though, and they soon start to [...]

Welcome to the Arctic Circle. It’s cold and confusing and something is incredibly wrong. Welcome to the Arctic Circle. It’s dark and confusing and full of incredibly stupid people. Welcome to boredom. Welcome to Frost. Frost is found footage… Still with us? Cool. For those still willing to invest time in found footage film, you [...]

Fresh from our enthusiastic review of 90′s body-horror-comedy Freaked, we decided to raid the archives for the something a little more scary and came up with everyone’s favourite haunted hoax The Amityville Horror. Listen as we blather on about a honey covered Rod Steiger, verbally shit all over the remake and launch into the theme [...]

Fear of enclosed spaces has strangely little to do with this tense, surprisingly effective, little thriller set largely within the confines of an ATM vestibule, which is of course located in the middle of nowhere. Starring Nickelodeon teen royalty Josh Peck and Alice Eve, the girl who’s more famous for prancing around in her undies [...]

Have you ever heard of Dracula? No? Well, he’s this mythical vampire… Okay, I am presuming you’re not one of the three people on the planet who hasn’t read Bram Stoker’s classic or watched one of the many many adaptations. Whether the famous Bela Lugosi or Gary Oldman incarnations, the recent Jonathan Rhys Meyers TV [...]

Pitching itself as a modern Rosemary’s Baby for the Paranormal Activity generation, Devil’s Due is unlikely to thrill, chill or spook even the most easily scared moviegoer, thanks to a dull premise, dreadful pacing and not nearly enough scares. And naturally, because this is the year 2014, it is of course presented to us as [...]