Radio Gorepress 1 : Freaked

The Gorepress Gorecast is dead! Long live the Gorepress Gorecast!

Not ones to be discouraged by the death of a former podcast however, your intrepid heroes Sarah and Phil battle on in hopes of regaining your trust and loyal ears! Thus, Radio Gorepress is here to entertain, inform and help expand your canon of versatile curse words. Unlike the Gorecast, Radio Gorepress is a complete free-for-all. We’re the grown ups now, so we make the rules, which means we may include Top 5 lists, director bios, info about new releases or crowdfunding campaigns close to our collective hearts. The content will change on a week to week basis, but the bulk of the show will still be a movie review.

First up on the roster is Alex Winter’s psychedelic, gross-out masterpiece of quotability Freaked (1993). Join us as we reminisce about this often overlooked gem and give a rundown of our Top 5 Sideshow Horror movies (and also get a little misty eyed at the premature cancellation of Carnivale. Again.)

Please direct your comments to us at or email us at with suggestions of what you’d like to hear us review in future! For now, we hope you enjoy Episode 1.

-Sarah & Phil.

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