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Scavengers is a mess. A confusing, baffling, ridiculous space adventure with a wonky plot, terrible characters and undesirable CGI. As a debut feature it is a brave and bold experiment, but one that completely falls on its face and drowns in its own viscera. The plot? The crew of space-scavenging ship The Revelator happen upon [...]

Stop me if these elements seem similar: 1 x isolated, ice-bound research station, 1 x drunken, non-nonsense blue-collar worker (with a beard) and lots of weird, mutant creatures made from bits of other creatures that shape-shift and gleefully murder scientists in the dead of night… Welcome to Blood Glacier A.K.A. The Station A.K.A. Germany’s answer [...]

Spencer and Louise live in an apartment block in French-speaking Canada, during a referendum in the mid 90′s. Spencer is handsome and glib but confined to a wheelchair and Louise is obsessed with her pet cats and the recent news stories that detail a local serial killer and his victims. When Victor moves into the [...]

The Gorepress Gorecast is dead! Long live the Gorepress Gorecast! Not ones to be discouraged by the death of a former podcast however, your intrepid heroes Sarah and Phil battle on in hopes of regaining your trust and loyal ears! Thus, Radio Gorepress is here to entertain, inform and help expand your canon of versatile [...]

Genre: Open World/Stealth/Zombie horror Developer: Undead Labs Platform: Xbox 360, PC Release Date: June 15 2013 Version Reviewed: Xbox 360 Zombies and gaming have been successful bedfellows for the better part of twenty years now. A genre born from Resident Evil, way back in 1996, with the emphasis on fear, survival, and getting out the [...]

Welcome to the future. The Earth has been encased in a tomb of ice and snow, possibly created by our weather-machines-gone-wrong science experiments, which still tower over the desolation of our dead world. Humans are on the verge of extinction. What remains of Humanity has packed itself into tiny colonies – at least in America [...]