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It’s been a year of ups and downs, both for horror in general, and for the little bubble of Gorepress. We took on some new writers, we bid farewell to some other writers, we continued to provide our own brand of acerbic commentary in the form of a revamped Gorecast,  some of us even enjoyed [...]

With a storyline thinner than a vegetarian zombie, Dolph Lundgren leads an elite team of Gears of War-style military hardmen into a South-East Asian city quarantined and sealed off by lying government officials. Their mission? Find some rich guy’s daughter and bring her back. Apparently ‘no longer dangerous’, the city is actually plagued by sprinting [...]

There seems to be no end to the unnecessary horror remakes that Hollywood wishes to foist upon those of us lucky enough to know Jason doesn’t usually grow weed when he’s not busy killing people, or that Freddy’s face is supposed to, well, move a little bit. One could spend weeks justifying the existence of [...]